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Clash Royale introduces Mega April Update


The Clash Royale update in April is very important, introducing Trophy Road and the various deck changes that fans would want to know.

Trophy Road is a new development system for the game, allowing fans to get rewards when they pass the arena.

These rewards can be a few things, such as boxes, cards, and gems, which should be viewable as you filter through the layers.

This is the highlight of today’s Clash Royale, but it is by no means the only change to the game.

The new patch description also confirms the release of the new card, which will definitely vibrate on today’s deck.

The earthquake does not affect the flight unit, but it sounds very destructive to the Crown Tower.

This new card is rare and requires some Elixir, which sounds like the perfect weapon against buildings.

Fans can also look forward to joining Clash Royale’s new game mode in the future, one of which may stand out.

The new Mega Deck Mode may be popular with fans on Android and iOS, giving everyone the opportunity to create a new Mega Deck from 18 cards.

This mode will increase the generation of Elixir and will require players to propose new strategies to defeat their opponents.

Other new game modes include Elixir Rush and Dragon Hunt, both of which have their own special rules.

Elixir Droplets will be available to teams that control the middle of the map, and Dragon Hunt will include their own game bonuses.

This will again see the player trying to control the middle of the room, the dragon egg can be attacked.

Players who try to smash it will receive a reward from Dragon Allies, which will undoubtedly help to win the game.

To find out what’s going on with today’s Clash Royale update, you can find the full patch description below:

Patch description

  • Get trophies and progress through the arena and collect rewards!
  • The higher the trophy, the more rewards! Earn gems, gold, boxes, piles of cards (different brands), trade tokens and expressions on Trophy Road!
  • Protect your trophy! Arrive a new arena to activate a trophy door! This means you can’t drop below the trophy needed for the arena, or drop to the lower arena! Once you get 4000 trophies, you won’t fall under the 4000 trophies of the Legend Arena, but you can rank through the league.
  • Activate the chest to accelerate for 24 hours when you arrive at the new arena – unlock the new arena chest faster!
  • set a goal! Check out your trophy progress and what you need to do to get the next reward.
  • New rewards every season! At the end of each league season, in addition to the Trophy reset, you will also reset your Trophy Road schedule from 4000+. This means you get new rewards every season! Therefore, we are canceling the league chest and letting you get rewards at the end of the season.
  • The Royal Champions League landed 6600 trophies, and the Ultimate Champions League now starts with more than 7,000 trophies!
  • View your friends’ progress! Enjoy healthy competitions with your friends and family members – watch their progress on Trophy Road

Existing/returned players will unlock all Trophy Road rewards after the update – up to their current trophy.

New card!

  • Earthquake!
  • 3 Elixir Cost, Rare Spell
  • Damage per second
  • Full damage to Crown Towers per second
  • 400% damage to all other buildings
  • Damage and slow down ground forces
  • Does not affect flight units (earthquakes, not earthquakes).

New game mode! (coming soon!)


Create a super deck from 18 cards!

  • Added Elixir generation
  • Increased deck size (8 cards – > 18 cards – this is how Mega works)
  • Develop new strategies and new ways to beat your opponents!


Use the Arena’s Elixir to defeat your opponent!

  • Elixir lays eggs on two bridges and must be collected by the troops!
  • The Elixir store in the middle of the arena will generate 2 Elixir when it is destroyed.
  • The last player who caused damage before the Elixir store was destroyed gets Elixir.
  • Use this extra Elixir to get the advantage over your opponent!

DRAGON HUNT! (coming this weekend!)

The player captures an Elixir Egg, and the first person to destroy it produces a dragon for their side!

  • When the Elixir Egg is destroyed, another egg will be produced after 30 seconds.
  • Derived dragons can be Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon or Electro Dragon!

Home screen (BATTLE TAB) changes

“Help, I can’t find a leader board or training camp!”

We have cleaned up the Battle Tab and rearranged some things. The Battle Tab menu now includes the following…

Activity log, leader board, TV royal, training camp, tournament, set.

New reputation level

Added a new reputation level to the following cards:

  • rocket
  • Goblin Cottage


  • balloon
  • Zappies
  • Barbarian Cabin
  • Skeleton Barrel
  • Magic Archer

New event tab!

This tab is the best choice for your event! In the new “Events” tab, you will find…

  • Global Championship
  • challenge
  • Limited game mode
  • Major challenges and classic challenges

Note: Private tournaments are now in the Battle Tab menu!

Improvements, balances and other changes

  • Clone: ​​radius reduction 4 -> 3
  • New loading screen!
  • Exclusive emotions (not found in the store – from challenges, etc.), now have a funky legendary background
  • Players will not see the same expression repeatedly in the store!
  • Track your mission chest reward progress from the Battle tab
  • Cleaner home screen UI
  • 2v2 battle now has 3 minutes of overtime
  • New card images of Mortar, Tesla and Goblin Hut
  • Added real-time notifications to News Royale so you can watch live streams in live streaming!
  • “Last seen online” status has been added to Clan members
  • Fixed various performance/crash issues
  • Supercell ID ‘2.0’! Improved user flow, now you can do more with Supercell ID. View in Settings.

Are you excited to see these updates in Clash Royale? Share your unique ideas with us in the comments section that you think should be a part of the game.

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