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Destiny 2: All Exotics from the First Game Return, Now in Their Final Form


The big unveiling for Destiny 2’s upcoming The Final Shape Expansion occurred during the independent showcase in late August 2023, giving fans a sneak peek at what they can expect from the upcoming content update. The big expansion will bring a lot of new material, some of which will return Exotic weapons from the first Destiny game, which will eventually be available in the second game. It is important to note that the devs have previously said that this round of returning Exotics will probably see some adjustments when implemented into the next game.

This pertains to the weaponry. In addition to many brand-new exotic weapons, Destiny 2 already boasts many exotics from the first game’s roster, all before the release of the Final Shape update. Even if many more Exotics from the original game have not been brought back, The Final Shape is still one step closer to restoring all of the weapons and armour from the original game.

Dragon’s Breath

The Dragon’s Breath Exotic is a heavy weapon slot Solar rocket launcher. In Destiny 2, this weapon is planned to function similarly to the Deathbringer Exotic Void rocket launcher from the Shadowkeep expansion, despite certain differences between the games due to the projectile’s unique characteristics. The original Dragon’s Breath fires a rocket that, upon detonation, releases a canister of Solar napalm. The explosion can be set off mid-flight manually, or it can happen automatically upon collision.

Timing the detonation to occur above a cluster of foes makes this a fun add-clear weapon, though direct impact deals greater damage to well-protected targets. Dragon’s Breath is a potent weapon in the first Destiny, and with the addition of Solar damage, it is anticipated to become much more so in the sequel. In particular, this weapon’s Solar damage may be enhanced by Scorch, Ignitions, and Firesprites in the hands of players with the appropriate Solar 3.0 Subclass builds.


The Khovostov is a kinetic auto rifle that can be used in the primary weapon slot. It was called the Khovostov 7G-0X in the first Destiny and the Khovostov 7G-02 in the sequel. Both fresh and seasoned players of Destiny will enjoy using this weapon. As the first weapon players get in the opening moments of the original Destiny and the New Light campaign for Destiny 2, the Khovostov is a white-rarity weapon. The Exotic variant of this weapon in the first Destiny game can switch between full-, burst-, and semi-automatic firing modes, as well as 450 and 900 RPM, with corresponding adjustments to the weapon’s overall attributes. Those who held on to their first Khovostov could disassemble it for instant access to the Exotic variant, while the rest of the players had to hunt for it.

Red Death

Red Death, equipped in the primary slot, is a kinetic pulse weapon with an Exotic perk that restores health after each kill. A three-round burst weapon that heals the user after each kill, the Crimson Exotic hand cannon is the pulse rifle equivalent of the Red Death from the original Destiny. The original Red Death’s reload speed is momentarily increased quickly after scoring kills, whereas Crimson can fully reload itself with a critical kill.

This weapon will undoubtedly be a game changer in competitive modes like Trials of Osiris and Competitive Crucible, similar to how Exotic pulse rifles like the Graviton Lance have dominated PvP in the Lightfall period of Destiny 2. The Red Death may not deal Elemental damage, but its passive healing makes it useful in many PvE situations in Destiny 2.