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Division 2 Guide


If you plunder your way in Washington, DC in Division 2, you will undoubtedly encounter some morphine lying around. In the world of health care and social system collapse, the sensible thing about all Morphine is (obviously) selling it to the highest bidder. But the squares of the White House don’t know how to cut a good medicine, so you will want to take more vicious means. Here’s how to sell your morphine in The Division 2 at a good price.

Where can I find morphine in The Division 2?

Morphine is a small useful item in the Division 2. This is an insignificant title for one of the most effective opioid analgesics in medical science, but this is how it is classified. Trinkets are things you find in backpacks and small bags or suitcases. These containers usually contain resources for crafting. Trinkets can be sold at any point in the game; you can go to the supplier and choose to sell all the trinkets. But you shouldn’t always do this because these small items don’t take up inventory space, and some of them can give you better rewards than some credits.

Where can I sell morphine in The Division 2?

If you have been to the dark zone, you will know that there are many backdoor pranks. In addition to other players trying to snatch your hard-earned things, there are some secret NPCs hidden, just waiting for you to buy medicine. If you go to a thief (by killing other player agents and stealing their contaminated spoils) then you can find the thief’s lair. To find the thief’s lair, do a lot of bad things in a short period of time to improve your Rogue heat level. We recommend attacking SHD terminals or stealing DZ boxes, as this is unlikely to get you into the Disavowed Agent band or search for you.

Once you go enough Rogue, the robber’s refuge will be marked on your map and you will be able to find it through the triangle and pass it through the door. It looks a bit like the Harry Potter symbol. You can go in there, there is a special supplier that will trade you some high-end equipment for 30 Morphine.

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