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Code Vein Best Weapons Complete Tier List


Different Code Vein best weapons work for various playstyles. It’s easy to customize your experience with blood codes that enhance the special moves of each weapon type! These are our top picks, but don’t forget about all these other great equipment pieces you can get in-game.

The Code Vein best weapon level rundown is intended to make it simpler for you to locate the best weapons in the game. With such countless weapons accessible in Code Vein, it tends to be difficult to pinpoint the best for your present form.

Weapons are used for combat in Code Vein, and there is a wide variety of weapons to choose from – some that can be considered more powerful than others. This guide will cover the most notable types of melee swords and hammers available, but it should be noted that there’s one particularly noteworthy spear as well.

All the weapons accessible in this game – which are isolated into 5 classes – can be moved up to improve their individual abilities (redesigning your weapon influences your character’s level, and is likewise influenced by the level of your Blood Veils).

Ostensibly still a decent time yet weapons make the experience all the really invigorating and fun. All players have to do is find their code vein best one-handed sword, or any other weapon they are looking for in order to start having an enjoyable game play!

Code Vein Weapons Locations

Weapons can likewise be utilized to hinder, have certain impediments and require certain details to be met to be employed, natural abilities, and have a Blood Code. The 5 weapon classes are:

  • One-Handed Swords: Short went however snappy and flexible being used. Do direct measures of harm.
  • Two-Handed Swords: Larger in estimate however have more noteworthy reach and do undeniably more harm. Notwithstanding, they’re not as speedy, setting aside a long effort to twist up.
  • Lances, Halberds, and Polearms: Are long weapons that permit you to do clearing assaults that cover the whole territory promptly around you.
  • Two-Handed Hammers: Slow to utilize however have moderate reach (more noteworthy than one-gave swords) and cause hefty gruff harm.
  • Pike Rifles: Can assault from a good ways and can be utilized as a skirmish weapon.

Every classification encapsulates a few weapons, and this guide will experience every weapon and enumerating their different ascribes.

Code Vein Best Weapons

Code Vein Best Weapons


At number 5, we have the hammer. It has high damage and amaze values just like a two-gave sword but is much more versatile since it can be swung around for some cool combos at any time!

At number 10, we’ve got the crossbow which does not take long to reload or charge up with energy so you don’t need to worry about getting recklessly into an ambush.

Best Hammers in Code Vein

The utilization of mallet relies upon the circumstance. Following are the best sledge weapons to use in Code Vein Best Weapons.

  • Argent Wolf Warhammer is likely best mallet with squash capacity however you can not open it before the last zone.
  • Drive Anchor has both squash and piece capacities which makes them viable while playing against pulverize safe adversaries. It gives an incredible harm.
  • Consumed Hammer has pulverize capacity and flames harm. You can without much of a stretch use it against foes powerless against fire.


At number 4 we’ve Halberd. This weapon is truly solid and useful for managing large gatherings of adversaries and assaulting them on the double. This will be the situation for 90% of the game. Every so often you will confront some enormous hero, huge beast, or a chief. It will in any case be a solid weapon there in light of truly incredible speed and great development.

You may pull off the capacities that accompany it from Louis’ code to have an iframe hop or the Queen Slayer code where you have essentially a H strike combo. On the off chance that you join with the nuts and bolts of two light assaults, which is a twofold hit, at that point a triple hit of a turn surrounding you. It will give you incredible AoE capacity right and afterward follow that with a snappy light-hefty.

Best Halberd in Code Vein

Following are the best Halberd weapons to use in code vein.

  • Bardiche accompanies both slice and penetrate capacity with normal weight.
  • Dark Halberd has likewise cut and penetrate capacity and is lighter when contrasted with bardiche.



Knives are a shooter’s best friend in Code Vein, as they have interesting capacities with the various kinds of weapons. You can use shotgun impact, single-fired kill or five shot spread to penetrate and cause great AoE damage with these projectiles!

This weapon is designed to kill quickly and efficiently. It’s light, quick, and highly accurate with up-close combat but its basic moveset leaves it vulnerable at range where even the first shot can make all five miss a target that they were aiming for in close quarters.

Best Bayonets in Code Vein

Following are the best Bayonet Code Vein weapons.

  • Mia’s Special Bayonet gives you high actual harm.
  • Eva’s Special Bayonet gives you high the best shot harm.

One-Handed Sword

The subsequent Code Vein best weapon is a one given sword. On the off chance that you need to have one of the most noteworthy harm in early game forms, you would need to go with the one gave sword. You should zero in on a quality form that scales similarly with both strength and Dex.

I would recommend going with Prometheus which you get from Lewis directly toward the start of the game. It has astounding nature of equivalent scaling, strength, and dex.

Best One Handed Sword in Code Vein

The best one gave blade in Code Vein Best Weapons is the one that gives you a solid mix of speed and harm to the foe. Along these lines, harm worth ought not be the sole models for the determination of weapons. It is smarter to test diverse moveset with swords and assess the speed and the delay between assaults. Following are the best one gave blades in code vein.

  • Dusk Sword is the best weapon for players simply beginning the game or in the center. It has more harm power when contrasted with Queen slayer sword while giving comparable speed and moveset. The solitary disadvantage is less scaling which you don’t need toward the start of the game.
  • Suffering Crimson is the best one gave sword in the event that you need crude harm. It has both slice and penetrate capacity with a load of 34.
  • Killer sword comes as an appropriate alternative with the right form.

Two Handed Sword

Code Vein Best Weapons

Our best weapon decision in Code Vein Best Weapons is two given sword. It has crazy harm and amaze values. You’re ready to crush the rival with your monster blade and can without much of a stretch amaze your rival. It has an incredible reach on all the assaults.

Best Two Handed Sword in Code Vein

  • Zweihander is probably the best weapon in Code Vein. You get the slicing capacity with it. To receive the most extreme advantage in return, you ought to become acclimated to its combos.


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