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How To Farm Sha of Anger For The Mount – [2021 Detailed Guide]

Fawad Pirzada


Sha of Anger For The Mount

Sha of Anger is one of the seven prime Sha of Anger for the Moment, and a world manager found in Kun-Lai Summit. It drops Arena season 12 prizes and level 14 set things. It took an attack of around 40 level 85 players to bring down the Sha of Anger.

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The Sha of Anger is a World Boss from the Sha of Anger for the Moment extension pack, and is vigorously cultivated on the grounds that it gets an opportunity to drop the most extraordinary realistic mount in the game. It’s exceptionally simple to solo Sha of Anger, and any level 100+ character ought to have the option to do it with no issues.


The Sha of Anger drops Legs and Hands things from the Tier 14 sets, in similar way as the supervisors from Baradin Hold used to accomplish for past levels.

Spawn Locations and Nearby Mobs

  • The Sha of Anger will spawn in one of the following 3 locations.
  • in the south of Kun-Lai Summit, between the Gate of August Celestials and the Shado-Pan Retreat;
  • on the Burlap Trail, east of Kota Basecamp;

south of One Keg.

The Farm Sha of Anger just brings forth in the huge Sha of Anger for the Moment that you find in the previously mentioned zones, as represented by the screen capture beneath (in which the Sha is going to produce).

The Sha of Anger has a low respawn clock of around 15 minutes.

Furthermore, the Sha of Anger changes the zone’s local hordes into its own (first class) rubbish. You should slaughter this waste prior to endeavoring to discard the chief.

Overview of the Fight

The experience against the Sha of Anger comprises of two stages that substitute all through the battle, which we will allude to as Phase One: Growing Anger and Phase Two: Unleashed Wrath. The stages are controlled by the condition of the manager’s anger bar, which increments and diminishes in a consistent and unsurprising way. During each stage, the supervisor utilizes a capacity explicit to that stage, just as two capacities basic to the two stages.

Common Abilities

Despite the condition of his fury bar (and, consequently, the period of battle), the supervisor will utilize two capacities.

  • Fume Icon Seethe rebuffs the attack if no player is inside skirmish scope of the chief. In the event that this occurs, the supervisor will bargain a lot of Shadow harm to his primary aggro focus, simultaneously expanding the amount of Shadow harm that that target takes.
  • Unending Rage Icon Endless Rage is a capacity that the Sha of Anger utilizes generally at regular intervals. The capacity focuses on the areas of a few players, and, a couple of moments later arrangements 100,000 Shadow harm to players inside 3 yards of the area. Also, the capacity calls two things at the area where it lands:
  • Rage, a little add that sits idle yet scuffle its most noteworthy aggro target.
  • Unpleasant Thoughts Icon Bitter Thoughts, a hurtful cloud which forestalls players who are inside it from projecting any spells or playing out any activities with the exception of moving.
  • Managing Seethe is extremely simple, and it basically includes ensuring that the tank is inside skirmish scope of the supervisor consistently.
  • Managing Endless Rage is similarly simple, if a touch more unpredictable.
  • Players should move away from the areas where Endless Rage will land (they are pre-motioned by a graphical impact).
  • Players should move out of any Bitter Thoughts they may wind up in.
  • The off-tank(s) should tank the Ires, while your strike AoEs them. As we will see underneath, it is likewise plausible to kite the Ires.

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Phase One: Growing Anger

The manager’s fierceness bar Sha of Anger for the Moment unfilled, and increments to full limit over a time of 50 seconds. During this time, the supervisor is in Phase One. When the anger bar is full, the stage closes.


During Phase One, the manager utilizes a solitary capacity (notwithstanding the regular capacities recorded previously).

Farm Sha of Anger  Icon Growing Anger is a debuff that the supervisor puts on 3 arbitrary strike individuals (the primary tank isn’t barred from this). The debuff goes on for 6 seconds, and toward the finish of the debuff, the influenced players and some other players inside 5 yards of them become mind controlled (Aggressive Behavior Icon Aggressive Behavior) by the manager for 30 seconds, or until they arrive at half wellbeing. While mind controlled, players have their wellbeing and harm expanded by 200%.


The technique for Phase One rotates around dealing with the brain control most proficiently. The initial step is to guarantee that the brain control doesn’t influence more than the 3 debuffed players. This implies that when Growing Anger is projected, the influenced attack individuals should move out of the strike.

Afterwards, you have two options.

  • You can harm the influenced players until they arrive at half wellbeing, what breaks the brain control.
  • You can swarm control them and hang tight for the brain control to lapse following 30 seconds.

A helpful hint for managing Sha of Anger for the Moment is to have all assault individuals utilize their most impressive group control spells just prior to Growing Anger is projected, so it can’t be utilized while mind-controlled. Spells, for example, AoE fears are especially unsafe.

This stage doesn’t give the healers a mind-boggling amount of assault harm, however it makes a ton of disarray, particularly thinking about that the battling region will be loaded up with Bitter Thoughts mists and, conceivably, adds.

Raid Composition

Given the way that this is a world chief, you can use a strike gathering of up to 40 individuals to overcome it. This represents the issue of the number of assault individuals are really expected to overcome the Sha of Anger. We would offer the accompanying remarks:

  • Tanks: You will require 1 tank for the Sha of Anger for the Moment, and at any rate one tank for the adds. You can use two off-tanks on the off chance that you want.
  • Healers: Raid harm can turn out to be very severe, and the more healers your attack has, the better. Subsequently, we would instruct a base with respect to 6 healers, and upwards of 9, contingent upon your attack size and stuff level.
  • DPS: The experience requires a sensibly high measure of DPS for a few reasons (killing the includes time, breaking the brain control), so the more DPS players you have, the simpler the battle becomes. We suggest in any event 15 DPS players.

Corpse Running/Avoiding Wipes

Since the battle doesn’t happen in an instanced climate, it is feasible for dead. Attack individuals to deliver soul and run back to where they passed on and restore. This is a decent path for your strike to recharge its numbers. Remember the accompanying things:

After 2 revivals with hardly a pause in between, you should sit tight. For 2 minutes before you can restore once more.

At the point when you revive, you return with half of your most extreme wellbeing.  It is ideal to bunch up (in apparition structure) and restore simultaneously, as opposed to every one separately. This allows you a superior opportunity to recuperate.

On the Sha of Anger for the Moment that an enormous part of your attack kicks the bucket. Remaining assault individuals should endeavor to defer a wipe for as far as might be feasible. To allow the dead strike individuals an opportunity to run back.

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