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How to Insert a MicroSD Card Into your Nintendo Switch


The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic gaming system because of its ability to be used in both home and portable settings. The console’s internal storage, however, will be quickly emptied if you have a large library of titles from which to choose. The Switch OLED Model has 64 GB of storage space, while the standard Switch and Switch Lite variants only have 32 GB. This means there is a restricted quantity of storage space on mobile devices. It’s possible to get hundreds of gigabytes of extra capacity on a micro SD card without draining your bank account. Thankfully, a micro SD card can expand this minimal gameplay space. Learn how to insert a microSD card into your Nintendo Switch with the help of this handy guide. Okay, so here we go:

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How to Insert a MicroSD Card Into your Nintendo Switch

1. After making sure the Switch is off, flip it over. The bike has a kickstand on the left side.

How to Insert a MicroSD Card Into your Nintendo Switch

2. Insert a nail or other thin, flat object into the hole at the kickstand’s base to raise it.

How to Insert a MicroSD Card Into your Nintendo Switch

3. The SD card slot can be accessed after the stand is removed.

How to Insert a MicroSD Card Into your Nintendo Switch

4. Flip the microSD card over so that the printed side is facing you and the exposed metal piece is facing down.

How to Insert a MicroSD Card Into your Nintendo Switch

5. You can start using it immediately after sliding it in until you hear a click. Just putting the kickstand back down will turn your Switch back on.


Where do you put a microSD card slot on a Switch?

In order to use the kickstand located next to the right Joy-Con controller, you must first flip the portable device over. You’ll discover a space for a microSD card tucked away underneath the plastic stand. Put your new microSD card into the slot on the side of the device. After it has been properly docked, you should be able to hear a very faint click.

Is 128GB enough for Switch?

We believe that a 128GB SD card is the best option for the majority of customers. With this size card, you will have enough space for approximately 15–18 Nintendo Switch games on your console. Nevertheless, it is important to note that smaller independent games will take up a significantly smaller amount of space.

What happens when you put a microSD card in a Nintendo Switch?

The convenience of using microSD cards to expand the Switch’s internal storage was one of the reasons Nintendo made the detachable storage an option, but there is another advantage to using it. Things like screenshots are immediately saved to the new storage rather than the system memory that is included within the device as soon as a card is plugged into it.

How many SD cards can the Switch hold?

Internal storage capacity of 2 terabytes and 32 gigabytes, of which a portion is set aside for use by the operating system. With microSDHC or microSDXC cards, users are able to easily expand their storage capacity up to 2 terabytes (sold separately). solely for use in charging devices.

Why can’t my Switch access my microSD card?

If the microSD card you are using is not compatible with the console, switching to a different type of microSD card that is compatible may fix the issue. If the label on the microSD card indicates that it is SDXC, put the microSD card back into the console where it came from. After that, turn on your Nintendo Switch and make sure an update is performed on the system.

Will I lose my save data if I put a microSD card in my Switch?

The System Memory of the Nintendo Switch is where game save data is kept when using that system. This will not affect the game in any way, regardless of whether it is being played using downloading software or software from a game card. It is not possible to save or copy game data to a microSD card.