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Company of Heroes 3 – Some Beginner Tips


Company of Heroes 3 is here and, with its predecessor having launched almost a decade ago, there might be many players who are stepping into this WW2 real-time strategy genre for the first time. The many features in Company of Heroes 3 aren’t always as clear and accessible as they could be, and inexperienced players may struggle to figure out the best way to approach these massive fights and use them to their advantage. Learn the basics of playing Company of Heroes 3 with the help of this article!

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Use Tactical Pause

In the single-player campaign of Company of Heroes 3, pausing the game using the spacebar allows you to keep your current position on the map and continue giving orders. This is especially important in games with a lower victory point cap, where strategic location, construction, and reinforcement can determine the winner.

Company of Heroes 3 - Some Beginner Tips

By making use of this COH3 function, players can gain precious time to survey the field and correct for any potential missteps. This will allow younger players to learn the pros and cons of each Unit, Ability, Upgrade, and Battlegroup prior to committing to mass production and deployment.

Capture Points Immediately

It’s important to aim to seize strategic points early on in any war. While there are many different kinds of points in the game, the most important are the victory points, which are represented by stars on the map that turn red or blue based on who currently controls them. These aren’t the only resource nodes you can take over for a boost, though.

Company of Heroes 3 - Some Beginner Tips

These points will start to generate one of two forms of in-game currency: ammunition and fuel. Munitions will enable additional units to be manufactured, but fuel will also be needed in order to construct vehicles such as tanks. Taking control of petrol points is especially important because fuel is usually in short supply. It’s important to remember that the supply network must remain intact in order to bring supplies from seized points back to the headquarters.

Build Resource Caches

It is possible to delegate engineers to construct Resource Caches at the base of a flagpole at a capture site that is controlled by the allies. Because of this, additional resources will be generated, but the rate at which these points may be taken will be slowed down.

Company of Heroes 3 - Some Beginner Tips

This is because the resource cache needs to be destroyed before the point associated with it can be captured. It is a good idea to make use of a capture point by creating the resource cache whenever possible if the capture location is located safely inside of territory controlled by your allies.

Command Idle Squads with the Unit Icons

The icons for your units on the field appear at the bottom of the screen. The infantry units will be displayed in the bottom row, with the vehicles a little higher up. Any of these devices displaying a clock icon is currently not being used. Don’t freak out if you find out that many of your units are sitting idly elsewhere in the game world.

To focus on a certain unit without having to manually move the camera, just hit its symbol at the screen’s bottom. Once the unit is marked on the map, you can issue orders such as “move to a new capture point” without having to physically move the camera to the location.

Company of Heroes 3 - Some Beginner Tips

Each unit’s health bar appears next to their emblem, which might be helpful when ordering injured units to retreat. Suppose a unit’s health is getting dangerously low. In that case, you can order them to withdraw (or move to a different part of the battlefield, if you choose) by tapping their icon without moving your attention away from the conflict you’re currently concentrated on.

Use Battlegroups

Several “Battlegroups” will be shown on the right side of the screen before each conflict begins. These can be anything from highly trained infantry and specialized vehicles to air cover and latent skills. The Gurkhaz and the US Airborne are only two of the historically significant forces that can be called in to any section of the battlefield.

Company of Heroes 3 - Some Beginner Tips

Battlegroups will be available for each faction, and the optimum choice will depend on the player’s preferred style of play. Each Battlegroup has its own unique set of units and abilities that can be unlocked and purchased using Command Points. Because they are gained in proportion to the total experience of your army’s units, Command Points will be scarce at the beginning of the game but become increasingly abundant as the game progresses.


What is the best faction for beginners in Company of Heroes 3?

To cut a long story short, rookie players are advised to begin with British/UKF (or Wehr if they are more defensive or prefer Axis play). They are my favorite group to play as, and Relic said that they are the “easiest faction to engage with for new players” (primarily because of their voices).

Can you pause in Company of Heroes 3?

In Company of Heroes 3, halting a single-player mission displays an action queue for every unit, enabling you to give commands in order that will be executed once the stop is lifted.

How many missions are there in Company of Heroes 3?

Company of Heroes 3 contains 41 campaign missions, compared to 14 in Company of Heroes 2. There were a total of 22 maps in Company of Heroes 2 for both single and multiplayer play.

Is Company of Heroes 3 campaign multiplayer?

Review of “Company of Heroes 3”: An addictive multiplayer strategy While “Company of Heroes 3” has exciting and fast-paced multiplayer action, its single-player missions will leave you wanting more.