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Cross-Country Moving Challenges


A good professional moving company can mitigate the moving stress to some extent but it cannot make the process fully stress-free. A long-distance move is especially very complicated and time-consuming and much more. You may face several challenges while planning and executing a long-distance move. It is very important to solve all your moving-related stress and anxiety issues before you start preparing for D-day.

There are some unavoidable and realistic challenges that you may have to face while preparing for a long-distance move. A cross-country move is handled differently by different people and moving companies. If you too are planning your cross-country move soon, then keep reading below to understand some common possible challenges and how to combat them.

Choosing the Right Moving Company

Choosing the right cross country mover for a long-distance move has always been a big challenge for one and all. Though it is needed to hire a professional and reputed moving company for any kind of move, it becomes all the more important when it is a long-distance move. You can take care of your belongings and pack moving boxes in a local move but when you are moving long-distance, it is not possible to keep track of all your belongings throughout the process so it is wise to hire a reliable and reputed company to handle your precious household stuff.


Packing seems like a fun process that turns out to be a big nightmare in the end. Sorting your stuff before packing is the hardest part of all but is highly recommended. It is wise to take out all the items and sell or donate that you do not use anymore. Moving companies charge based on the size of your move when it comes to a long-distance move. So, be smart and remove all the unwanted stuff as this will not only make you some money but will also save a lot of money.

Removing clutter from your house is considered a good aspect of moving as you get rid of all the stagnant energy. You enter into your new life with a fresh start and clutter-free. So make sure you pack the required and important stuff. Just make sure you get rid of all those old furniture pieces that you had kept for the sake of memories. We are living in an era where technology is playing a significant role in our lives so take advantage of that and click pictures of all items that possess any sentimental value and discard the original item.

Finding the Right House

It is easy to find a house when moving within the city as you are well aware of the neighborhoods and other relevant factors that you would consider while choosing a place to live. But when it comes to a long-distance move, you may find it hard to get a house of your choice as you will not be aware of the surroundings.

It is highly advisable to visit your destination city at least twice before choosing a house. Keep some important factors in mind while finalizing your new home that may include the distance from your workplace, distance from your kids’ school, the crime rate of that area (especially if planning to live in the downtown area of your city), availability of public transport, nearby medical centers, entertainment options, and recreational centers. Do not ignore any of these factors.

Utility Services Management

In case of a local move, all you have to do is to transfer your utility services from one address to another; however, the same process becomes complicated when it comes to a long-distance move. You cannot spend your precious first week at your new home managing utility services so it is wise to apply for all required utility connections well in advance. Applying for new utility services will be a dent in your pocket too so it is wise to add these expenses into your moving budget to avoid any last-minute trouble. Make sure you visit utility service providers’ offices during the pre-move visit to your new town.

Organizing Your New House

We often dream of a well-organized and decorated house but do not get a chance as reorganizing a house is no play. Moving home is the right time to fulfill your dream of a beautiful house so make sure you do not take it as a challenge but an opportunity to decorate your dream home. A new and empty home is like an artist’s canvas on which he can draw just anything. So be a little creative and spread the colors in your house.

Decorate your house in your own style and according to your own taste. And, you can also place a cherry on top of this by calling your neighbors for a housewarming party. This will not only make you feel at home in your new place but will also help you in making some good friends.