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Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Save Takemura


Night City, a dystopia with neon lights, colorful walls, and a high crime rate, is the setting for Cyberpunk 2077. As V, a mercenary who lives here, you will encounter both notorious and legendary figures from the underworld on your travels. It’s a covert mission that essentially leads you on an elective side mission where you can eliminate the Arasaka guards chasing Takemura and carry him to safety—something Johnny Silverhand doesn’t believe is feasible. You can learn how to save Takemura in Cyberpunk 2077 by reading this article:

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Should You Rescue Takemura?

You will have two options when the cutscene ends, though the game doesn’t tell you about them, once you drop through a hole in the ground to the floor below:

  • You are able to get out of the building safely and carry on with your journey.
  • Returning to the upper floor will allow you to save Takemura and flee with him.

Should you choose to save Takemura, you will have to fight your way up two flights of stairs, through Arasaka goons, and then shoot your way out of the building when you finally meet him. Takemura will advise you two to split up to increase your chances, but once you two escape, your Relic will break.

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Save Takemura

After a fast-forward sequence, you and Johnny will reappear in a remote motel where you are hiding from Arasaka until someone knocks on your door. After you allow Hanako to message you, you have to return to living as a hired gun until she invites you to the Embers club.

How to Save Takemura

After talking to Johnny after falling through the floor, you should leave the room. A massive blue neon cross will be visible in front of you. Here, take a detour through the small opening in the wall to the left of the cross rather than continuing straight along the direct path.

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Save Takemura

After completing this area, proceed to the next room and eliminate the four Arasaka guards that stand in your way. After passing through this room lit by red flares, you’ll enter another room and then a flight of stairs. Johnny will warn you that Takemura is “beyond any sort of help” if you proceed up those stairs.

However, you can obtain the optional objective if you push past him and continue up the stairs. Consider saving Takemura. You’ll be able to re-enter the corridor you originally used to get to Takemura’s room, where you had to knock four times on the door, if you continue climbing the stairs after taking out a few more guards.

Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Save Takemura

Takemura is safe and sound once you enter the room, though there are more guards lurking in the hallway. Then all you have to do is help him safely exit the building. He will stay in touch with you during the entire game once you have separated.


Does saving Takemura affect the ending?

Takemura will be absent from the story if you decide to leave him behind, but he will reappear in the epilogue of the Hanako-related ending if you decide to save him.

What is the best Cyberpunk ending?

For many Cyberpunk 2077 players, The Sun is going to be the most appropriate conclusion. With Rogue’s assistance, you must sneak into Arasaka Tower and exit as V at the conclusion. You’ll awaken to become a Night City legend, complete with an amazing penthouse of your own.

Is Goro Takemura a good guy?

Ultimately, Takemura is meant to be a character who sincerely feels that he is doing the right thing for Arasaka.

Does saving Takemura do anything?

Takemura will be absent from the story if you decide to leave him behind, but he will reappear in the epilogue of the Hanako-related ending if you decide to save him.

Can you save Jackie in cyberpunk?

Warning: this is a spoiler! Sadly, no, and the terrible task of determining where to send his remains falls to you. After the relationship you’ve developed with him throughout the prologue, it’s time to decide where your best friend is going to go next. It’s an emotional decision to make.