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How to Add Someone on Discord on Computer


In order to grow a Discord server, you need to invite other people to participate in the conversation. You will need to obtain the invite link in order for others to be included to the server if you have recently established a server or if you wish to send an invitation to new acquaintances. If they are already a member of Discord, all you need to do is send them a link to the Instant Invite page. The following is a guide on how to add individuals on Discord.

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How to Add Someone on Discord on Computer

1. Launch the desktop version for the Discord chat platform on your personal computer.

2. From the list that is to the left of the menu, pick the server to which you would want to add users, and then click the “Add Users” button.

3. You must first bring up the drop-down menu by clicking on the server’s name before you are able to access the menu.

4. Choose the option that gives you the ability to invite certain people.

How to Add Someone on Discord on Computer

5. Make a copy of the link by selecting the option to Copy, and then give it to the users whose accounts you want to be able to use the server. This step is required before you can move on to the next.

How to Add Someone on Discord on Computer

How to Add Someone on Discord on Computer


Why can’t I add friends on Discord?

If you try to add a friend and run into an issue, there are a few different reasons why this can be happening! 1) You might have made a typo in your friend’s username, or you might need to check the spelling and capitalization of it! Make sure you check to see if there are any additional spaces in there by accident as well!

What is the Discord username?

Your username on Discord is the moniker by which other users on the platform will recognise and refer to you. In the screenshot that follows, for instance, the username that is displayed is “RemoteTools.” This is the name that will appear to other users on the server when they view your profile. However, users of Discord will not be able to locate you by using merely this name.

How do I find my Discord tag?

This Discord Tag is located in the bottom-left corner of the Discord Desktop client, where it may be accessed. You may discover this tag below your profile image on your phone by going to the profile section and selecting it. If you want to know someone else’s Discord tag, you can do so by tapping on their profile picture, and you will then be shown with their tag in that location.

How do I add people on Discord without tag?

In order to find the user, key in as much of their username as you remember and then click the “Search” button. If you’re fortunate, the user you’re looking for will be included in the list that appears when you press the button. Now that you have their username, you may copy it and submit a friend request to them through Discord.