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Sea of Stars – How to Beat Elder Mist


One of the first bosses you will face in the magical world of Sea of Stars is the Elder Mist boss. If you tried to defeat this monster with just your arsenal’s direct physical attacks, it would be ineffective and your efforts would be in vain. You will learn how to defeat Elder Mist in Sea of Stars by reading this article.

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Pre-Fight Preparation

To defeat Elder Mist in Sea of Stars, you should make sure you’re rested, equipped for battle, and using all of your abilities before charging into a fight. Before starting the fight, also spend some time crafting a large number of healing orbs at the campfire location.

Sea of Stars - How to Beat Elder Mist

Let us now examine Elder Mist’s attack patterns in more detail. He mostly uses two unique abilities: a terrifying sword and an enormous punch. The massive punch can be easily avoided or blocked by pressing the X or A buttons, despite its apparent threat. But a common mistake made by players is to concentrate only on this cloud-like object.

How to Beat Elder Mist

The hardest part of Sea of Stars is still ahead of us, even though the trials are almost over. Don’t forget to take a nap at the camp behind. When you’re ready, engage in combat with the Elder Mist by interacting with the floating sphere up ahead. The Elder Mist executes a high-damage sweep attack known as Counter Slash with its left sword.

  • Regular move: Fist Slam
  • Bonus move: Counter Slash
  • Charged move: Healing
  • Vulnerability: Solar and Lunar magic

Sea of Stars - How to Beat Elder Mist

Since this is by far its deadliest move, taking out that sword should be your first priority. Valere and Zale are the best candidates to absorb Live Mana and deal the greatest amount of damage because the sword is also susceptible to Lunar and Solar magic.

The Elder Mist Sword in Sea of Stars is the only attack that this enemy can use, and it can only deal one target’s worth of damage at a time.  Now is the perfect time to inflict maximum damage without having to worry about having to make the party whole again. The Elder Mist is ready to use his charged move, healing, whenever he summons a light blue orb in his right hand.

Sea of Stars - How to Beat Elder Mist

Until it is interrupted, this move restores the sword. Use every tool in your arsenal to stop it. After a few turns, pick up the pace to quickly defeat the Elder Mist. Once he is eliminated, the Elder Mist Trials in Sea of Stars will be finished, and you will be able to use time travel to solve Eclipse puzzles.


Who is the first boss fight in Sea of Stars?

The first boss you’ll encounter in Sea of Stars is called Bosslug. It can be very simple to lose to this enemy if you’re not careful. For this battle, you’ll need patience and a solid plan. When used to its maximum potential, the combat system in Sea of Stars can be incredibly effective and highly intuitive.

How do you get the true ending in sea of stars?

It will take seven distinct side quests to reveal the true ending. One of the seven pillars surrounding the odd monument in the Moorlands will become active each time you finish one of these quests.

What is the best ultimate weapon in Sea of Stars?

The greatest weapons in the game for Valere and Zale, respectively, are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade in Sea of Stars, and they can provide a significant advantage over the last boss. All of the playable characters in the game have access to a variety of weapons.

What to do with Rainbow Conch Sea of Stars?

In the game, there are 60 Rainbow Conches in total; 52 can be found in chests, and 8 can be obtained by running errands. Then, in Docarri Village, you can give Mirna Rainbow Seashells in exchange for special benefits.

What are the best daggers in Sea of Stars?

The greatest weapon in Sea of Stars for Seraï is the Star Shard, but it’s only available in the latter stages of the main campaign. During a side quest, a boss may be looted for this pair of daggers.