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Dates, featured Pokémon, and more information on the Pokémon GO Mythic Blade event


In Pokémon GO, a peculiar blur has been observed, and players who are fortunate enough to catch up with it will learn that the Mythical Pokémon Keldeo has made its way into the game. The next Mythic Blade event that is taking place during the current Season of Mythical Wishes will include this Pokémon as a featured Pokémon.

The event’s developer, Niantic, has provided some details on what Trainers can anticipate from it, including the appearance of formidable Raid Bosses, the discovery of new Pokémon, and a Special Research tale involving Keldeo. We have included comprehensive information about this event, including its schedule, Raid Bosses, and other relevant information.

Event Dates & Times

Beginning on the 6th of December 2022 at 10 am local time and continuing until the 11th of December 2022 at 8 pm local time, the Pokémon GO Mythic Blade event will be held. In addition, you’ll be able to complete Field research tasks, which will net you a variety of rewards, including items and encounters with Pokémon. Similarly, a Collection Challenge will be available very soon, and if you complete all of the associated activities, you will be rewarded with a Quick and Charged Technical Machine.

Something Extraordinary Special Research

You will be able to obtain the Something Extraordinary Special Research narrative, which is exclusive to the Pokémon GO Mythic Blade event, beginning on the 10th of December 2022 at 10 am local time and continuing until the 11th of December 2022 at 8 pm local time. You will need an event ticket to access this Special Research tale, which can be purchased from the in-game Shop for the price of $7.99 or the equivalent amount in your own country’s currency.

The primary benefit of finishing this narrative is an encounter with Original Form Keldeo; however, there are extra benefits associated with each individual story job that you undertake. In addition, if you use Incense during the course of the event, with the exception of the Daily Adventure Incense, certain Pokémon (and their Shiny forms*) will appear more frequently. We have compiled a list of these Pokémon, which may be found below:

  • Beldum*
  • Ferroseed*
  • Hitmonchan*
  • Hitmonlee*
  • Hitmontop*
  • Machop*
  • Tympole*