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MicroATX motherboard that is compatible with ASRock Rack B650D4U-2L2T and BCM Ryzen 7000


ASRock Rack, a server and workstation brand that is owned and run by ASRock Incorporation, has launched the MicroATX “B650D4U-2L2T/BCM” motherboard exclusively for use in servers that make use of the AMD B650E chipset. This motherboard is of the MicroATX form factor.

In addition to a gigabit LAN that is used for management of the network, the network has been outfitted with four systems of 10 gigabit LAN x two by Broadcom BCM57416 and gigabit LAN x two by Intel i210. Additionally, the gigabit LAN was used to connect the management system to the rest of the network. In addition to that, it has an ASPEED AST2600 graphic management chip built into it.

Storage is SATA 3.0 x 4, M.2 (PCI Express 5.0 x 4) x 1, and expansion slots are PCI Express 5.0 (x16) x 1, PCI Express 5.0 (x4) x 1, and PCI Express 4.0. The central processing unit (CPU) is compatible with the Ryzen 7000 series (120 W for air cooling / 170 W for water cooling). The memory slot is DDR5-5200 x 4 (up to 128 GB) (x1) One HDMI output, one DisplayPort output, one D-Sub output, as well as four USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A outputs and one COM output are included among the display output options.