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Dave The Diver – How to Catch Horned Parrotfish


The majority of Dave The Diver is played underwater, and there are many different kinds of fish to catch. Every fish you catch at the start of the game can be sold or used as an ingredient for the sushi restaurant. But eventually, Udo will request that you fetch a particular fish. While most small-fry are rather easy to catch, some rarer species require specific behaviors to locate them or make them captureable. This post will teach you how to catch horned parrotfish in Dave the Diver.

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Horned Parrotfish Location

First things first: the Horned Parrot Fish, also known as the Warrior Parrotfish, is typically found in the shallow waters off the coast of the right side of the Earth, precisely between 30 and 50 metres deep. It usually spawns on weekends, and an in-game notification telling you to “Hunt Horned Parrot Fish” appears before it does.

Dave The Diver - How to Catch Horned Parrotfish

The first of these fish to appear is the horned parrotfish, which can be located by looking for signs of a shipwreck nearby. You haven’t been requested to visit any shipwrecks other than the yellow ship, but that’s not where this fish is. Simply submerge yourself in the morning or afternoon and swim all the way to the right to retrieve the parrotfish.

How to Catch Horned Parrotfish

This Horned Parrotfish’s unique characteristic is that its horn crown protects it from attacks from the front. It will aggro on you as soon as you approach and begin attacking at short intervals. The fish will sprint to your present location every few seconds. Go up or down to avoid the dash and attack it from behind.

The primary challenge is that the fish must be caught alive hence one of the following will be necessary:

  • It’s possible to try to tranquilize the fish with your Hush Dart by upgrading it to the highest level, but there’s a chance it won’t respond positively.
  • With each shot, the Basic Underwater Rifle can be upgraded to become a Tranquillizer Rifle, which has a 40% chance of dozing off the target. Your best defense against the Horned Parrotfish is this.
  • Lastly, during your run, you might be fortunate enough to discover the Tranquillizer Harpoon in one of the weapon chests. When you throw a harpoon at this parrotfish, it will not struggle like other parrotfish. Rather, it will respond as though you were firing the Poon at a big fish.

Dave The Diver - How to Catch Horned Parrotfish

You can easily approach the fish and tap the button displayed on the screen to add it to your inventory after you’ve put it to sleep. Fortunately, this fish may be transported to the boat without using a salvage drone.


How do you catch Marlin Dave the Diver?

Because marlin are an aggressive species, approaching them too closely will result in an attack. Furthermore, you are unable to use your harpoon to capture them. You’ll have to dispatch them or capture them with something like the Enhanced Hush Dart.

What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

Rifle with Red Sniper Sight. It strikes like a highly accurate truck and is smooth and accurate. I highly suggest finding the Red Sniper Rifle and using it for all your sharpshooting needs if you’re determined to use bullets in Dave the Diver, regardless of the quality of the meal.

Is Raptor good Dave the Diver?

Because of his abilities, Raptor is one of the more unusual employees you can work with. He is the only employee with access to both Wasabi Refill and Cocktail Serving abilities.

Can you tranq sharks Dave the Diver?

In Dave the Diver, you can tranquillize sharks as early as Chapter Two. During this chapter, you’ll be able to get the basic level Hush Dart, albeit it’s still far from powerful enough to take out sharks.

How do you get the best taste Dave the Diver?

Enhancing items on the sushi bar menu is the simplest approach to obtain good Taste Ratings for your food. When a meal is improved, its Taste Rating rises and players can sell it to consumers for more money.