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Elden Ring – How to Equip Ashes Of War


With Elden Ring, you can offer your weapons powerful special tactics. With Ashes of War, you can adjust how your weapons’ stat scaling changes between forms. These magical upgrades can significantly improve the Tarnished’s arsenal of weapons. Thus, knowing how these ashes work while traveling down this difficult route will be helpful. Fortunately, they are not overly difficult to activate, and Elden Ring provides many options for creating a solid composition. By reading this post, you will discover how to outfit the ashes of war in the Elden ring:

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What Are Ashes Of War?

Special upgrades or artefacts known as Ashes of War are scattered around Elden Ring. The Tarnished can use these on a variety of objects, including weapons. These upgrades provide guns new abilities and capabilities, which is why they are crucial for different kinds of setups. Ashes of War’s unique abilities resemble Dark Souls 3’s Battle Arts. The incredible Ashes of War feature undoubtedly increase the game’s replayability. With a wide range of weapons and skills, countless configurations are possible.

How to Equip Ashes Of War

The Whetstone Knife must be obtained before you can equip Ashes of War in Elden Ring. This is one of the game’s initial section’s many essential starting equipment. It’s down a set of steps with a chest at the bottom in the Gatefront Ruins.

Elden Ring - How to Equip Ashes Of War

While at a Site of Grace for a rest, you can equip Ashes of War if you’ve gathered the Whetstone Knife. From the menu on the left, choose Ashes of War, and then pick the weapon you wish to modify. You might not be able to use every Ashes of War on your preferred weapon because they are limited to particular types of weapons.

Elden Ring - How to Equip Ashes Of War

Upon applying an Ashes of War, you will frequently be prompted to designate an Affinity for the weapon. Each of them will change the weapon’s damage type and scaling to a different stat; how they all function is the subject of a separate guide.

Elden Ring - How to Equip Ashes Of War

For example, improving both Strength and Dexterity equally improves Quality. Examine the damage figures on the right, as you can utilise Ashes of War to deal more damage or alter your damage to counterbalance boss weaknesses. You must obtain more important objects, such as the Iron Whetblade, in order to unlock further Affinities. A few foes may also receive status effects when using some Ashes of War, therefore be aware of alerts regarding the application of Blood Loss or other detrimental effects. These can be quite helpful while facing weak bosses.

How to Use Ashes of War

You can use Ashes of War when the weapon is equipped by pressing L2 or LT. On the left side of the screen, a box appears above your item quick menu, displaying the Ashes of War that are now available. By default, Ashes of War will be wielded with your left hand. L2 or LT will activate the Ashes of War on your right hand weapon if that weapon isn’t equipped with one.

Elden Ring - How to Equip Ashes Of War

Since your primary weapon will usually be your right-hand weapon, you must de-equip any shield Ashes of War or switch to a two-handed grip in order to make sure you utilise the Ashes of War on your primary weapon. Whenever you modify Ashes of War at a Site of Grace, it’s advisable to rapidly test the move before leaving, as this will allow you to determine how long it takes to release, which will be useful in extremely difficult boss battles.


What button activates Ashes of War?

Depending on the method, you must press or hold L2 on a PlayStation or LT on an Xbox in order to utilise an Ash of War in Elden Ring. To right-click on a PC, hold Shift and click.

How do you dual wield an Elden Ring?

Press the following buttons while wielding a weapon normally, presuming that your primary weapon is held in your right hand: Controller for PS4 or PS5: Triangle + R1. Controller for Xbox One or Xbox Series X: Y + RB. E + right-click on a Windows PC equipped with a keyboard and mouse.

What is the best early Ash of War in Elden Ring?

Bloody Slash is a crucial Ash of War to obtain early in Elden Ring for the majority of melee builds. This strong strike releases an upward slice that has a blood affinity. Although it has a great range and deals a lot of damage even when you don’t have many stat points there, it scales with arcane.

Is it better to dual wield in Elden Ring?

The entire potential of your build can be unlocked by dual wielding one of each, or even two of the same weaponry, which not only helps you defeat your opponents but also optimises your combat capabilities. The combinations are unlimited if you have the correct numbers, or better yet, a good (all-around) build.

Should you use Ashes of War in Elden Ring?

The game’s replayability is undoubtedly increased by the incredible Ashes of War feature. With a wide range of weapons and skills, countless configurations are possible. At the moment, Elden Ring may be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.