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Dave The Diver – How to Get Best Taste Ranking


In Dave the Diver, as your sushi restaurant expands, your goal is to climb the Cooksta app’s ranking by gaining more Followers, Researched Recipes, and Best Taste. Gaining more followers and finding new recipes is quite simple, but raising your Best Taste ranking requires a little more work. Many people are interested in discovering how precisely this stat might be improved, as it can be confusing. You can learn how to obtain Dave the Diver’s best taste ranking by reading this article:

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What is a Best Taste Score?

Dave The Diver - How to Get Best Taste Ranking

The Best Taste dish with the highest rating on your menu determines your Best Taste score. The number adjacent to the icon with the happy face protruding its tongue when you choose a dish from the menu indicates the dish’s Best Taste score, as seen in the above illustration. Meals with more uncommon components will have greater basic stats than meals with more common ingredients.

How to Get the Best Taste Ranking

The Best Taste stat becomes crucial in the later rounds of Dave the Diver. Therefore, you need to know how to maximize it. To raise your Dave the Diver Best Taste rating, take the following actions:

Dave The Diver - How to Get Best Taste Ranking

Find and cook rare fish

You’ll have to look for unusual fish and prepare them. When diving, you can come across a vast array of diverse marine life in this game. More and more recipes will become available as you play Dave the Diver. Sushi tastes better when the fish used to create it is rarer.

Use a range of ingredients

Remember the ingredients at all times. They can be used to enhance the flavour of your food and are widely available. All it takes is a little exploration of the Blue Hole to uncover a few intriguing possibilities for experimentation. As an illustration, it might be salt.

Upgrade recipes

Upgrade a recipe you find that tastes well. You can attain the required rank and make it even sweeter by doing this. You need 125 Best Taste points to reach the Gold rating on Cooksta. To get the Platinum final rank, you must accrue 250 points.

How to Improve Your Best Taste Score

You must serve a meal in a restaurant that has a Best Taste of 125 to achieve a Best Taste rank of 125. Enhancing your food is one way to achieve this! To improve the food you’ve chosen, hit the button (Ctrl on a keyboard, X on a controller) while you’re in the menu.

Dave The Diver - How to Get Best Taste Ranking

A dish’s base stats will rise when it is enhanced, making it more costly and possessing a higher Best Taste Rank. Look over your menu to see which of your dishes have the greatest base Best Taste stat, then improve that dish till it is over 125. It’s unnecessary to serve it; you only need to score 125 on the Cooksta app for Best Taste, which will propel you up to Gold.


How does taste work in Dave the Diver?

The taste is mentioned underneath the price when you look at a dish on your menu. Certain recipes, especially those with more and uncommon components, have a higher taste rating by nature. However, you can add flavor to any food to make it taste better and cost more money.

What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

Red Sniper Rifle. It is lethal everywhere in The Blue Hole and has the longest range, surpassing even the Grenade Launcher, with the best (constant) damage output in the entire game. This is, of course, without even discussing the Death Sniper Rifle, its Tier 3 upgrade.

Can you tranquilize sharks Dave the Diver?

In Dave the Diver, players must use tranquillizers to sedate three-star sharks and then utilize the Underwater Drone to bring them to the surface. In Dave the Diver, players need to use a special piece of equipment along with their deep-sea fishing prowess to catch 3-Star Sharks.

What does auto supply do in Dave the Diver?

Instead than depending only on how many of the dish you’ve prepared for that evening, you can use Auto Supply to make any dish you choose automatically replenish its ingredients from your inventory when needed.

Which gun to upgrade first Dave the Diver?

The Small Net Gun is among the first items you can acquire and improve to make your life easier. You’ll need a lot of fish, and if you can catch them alive, the ingredients will be of a higher caliber, which will increase your gold earnings.

How do you beat the squid in Dave the Diver?

In order to target the big squid’s eyeball, players will also need to carry a ranged gun because melee weapons are too dangerous and harpoons are ineffective. After players strike the big squid’s eyeball three or five times in Dave the Diver, the creature will perish.