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Dave The Diver – How to Pour Beer


In the game Dave the Diver, players take on the role of waiters at a sushi restaurant by exploring the ocean during the day in search of fish and other adventures. In your spare time, you run a sushi restaurant where you fulfill customers’ orders by serving them items from the menu.

There is a ton of exploration in the game, along with things to find, weapons to acquire, and people to interact with. Managing the restaurant involves hiring staff, tending to special needs patrons, and trying not to make a mistake when pouring the perfect beer. You can learn how to pour beer into Dave the Diver by reading this article:

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How to Unlock Beer

After roughly two to three hours of gameplay—the entire game takes about fourteen to sixteen hours—players can unlock beer. Therefore, when VIP clients like Yui from Star The Chef and sushi expert Vincent Yamaoka visit the users, Vincent will ask them to make a dish that will surprise him, and Bancho will accept this challenge. The Gourmet Vincent’s Challenge mission will then start after that. Players will need to locate the following ingredients in order to prepare this dish:

  • SeaGrape
  • White Spotted Jellyfish

Fans will need to locate the ingredients for two days. They can locate them approximately 100 meters below the surface of the Limestone Cave. The player must locate a tranquilizer or a net gun in the chests in order to capture the White Spotted Jellyfish alive.

Dave The Diver - How to Pour Beer

The VIP patrons will return to the restaurant and request to taste the dish that Bancho has prepared after two days have passed and all the ingredients have been located. Following the dialogue and cut scene, fans will receive a refrigerator from Vincent because he finds the dish to be so good. After that, the beer content will be unlocked.

How to Pour Beer

When you reach gold status on the well-known app, Dave the Diver, you can play the minigame where you have to pour beer. In addition to keeping the customers happy, beer gives Dave and the sushi restaurant a few extra bucks to spend. The most profitable beer is one that is expertly poured.

The beer machine will tell you how much head is ideal in the glass to pour the ideal pint. About 20% is the appropriate amount. Timing the pour and the initial tilt of the glass to level it again regulates the head. Practice makes perfect, but those who wait will reap benefits.

Dave The Diver - How to Pour Beer

Similar to the Green Tea beverage, you should press the S key on your keyboard to begin your pour. The drink will begin to pour as a result. To begin forming the ideal head, level the beer when it pours to slightly more than halfway up the glass. To stop Dave the Diver from adding more liquid, press D to level the glass. The ideal beer should then be poured by adding just enough more beer to reach the rim.


What does auto supply do in Dave the Diver?

Instead of depending solely on how many of the dish you prepared that evening, you can use Auto Supply to have any dish you choose automatically replenish its ingredients from your inventory when needed.

What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

Rifle with Red Sniper Sight. It strikes like a very accurate truck and is slick and accurate. I highly suggest finding the Red Sniper Rifle and using it for all your sharpshooting needs if you’re determined to use bullets in Dave the Diver, regardless of the quality of the food.

What does wasabi do in Dave the Diver?

Wasabi. Wasabi is a necessary ingredient to keep your sushi bar afloat, but Dave the Diver never goes into detail on it. You will notice a small meter next to the kitchen. This indicates the amount of wasabi you have left; if it runs out, you won’t be able to prepare any meals.

How many customers per night in Dave the Diver?

In actuality, it’s impossible to predict with precision how many patrons you will receive each evening. There isn’t a number anywhere on the menu or a way to see the number as you serve.

Do decorations matter in Dave the Diver?

They don’t have any additional benefits or value, but they do let you customize Bancho Sushi and the later branch to your own preferences. While a few special items can only be obtained through missions, the majority of the items are easily obtained but require a certain amount of gold to unlock and utilize.