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Dave the Diver: How to Get a Bug Net


Players of the restaurant simulation Dave the Diver will also explore the ocean’s depths. Dave can explore ever-deeper depths as he updates his suit and air supply. This pixelated adventure provides players with a variety of tools to aid in their exploration and loot collection as the game continues. This includes weaponry, ungraded cargo limitations, better air tanks, bombs, and other goods. How to get a bug net in Dave the Diver is covered in this article.

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How to Get a Bug Net in Dave the Diver

In Dave the Diver, you’ll need to make Kombu and White Trevally Ochazuke for Maki as part of the Reticent Girl objective to get the bug net. After completing the Duff’s Pink Delivery chain of missions and defeating the Giant Squid boss, the Maki and the Reticent Girl objective will become available toward the end of Chapter 2: Into the Deep.

Dave the Diver: How to Get a Bug Net

After picking up the quest, jump to the research tab and research the Kombu and White Trevally Ochazuke dish for six Artisan’s Flame. Here are the various items that will be needed for the dishes. When you go diving, you’ll see a light blue icon representing each of these objects.

  • Three white trevally which can be found in the shallows of the Blue Hole between 50 and 130 feet deep.
  • Kelp x1 – a type of seaweed that grows between 50 and 130 feet deep in the Blue Hole Shallows.
  • You can get Soy Sauce x1 from any cooking pots strewn about the Blue Hole or have it delivered by a worker.

Once you’ve gathered all the supplies, head back to Bancho’s restaurant and add Kombu and White Trevally Ochazuke to the menu for the evening. To accomplish the Reticent Girl quest and receive the bug net from Maki, open the restaurant for the evening and serve her the dish.

Dave the Diver: How to Get a Bug Net

Catch Clione, a new task from Maki, challenges you to bring in five Clione from the Blue Hole Depths using just your net. Approach the Clione, seahorse, shrimp, or other small creature and tap the spacebar when the spacebar icon appears to catch it in the bug net.

How to Use the Bug Net In Dave the Diver

Players of this fishing game will not have to worry about carrying about an unnecessary item—the bug net—because they won’t need it. It’s not a melee weapon either, thus it won’t replace their knife or other vital equipment. However, this also makes it rather intuitive.

Swim up to a shrimp-sized fish and use the bug net on it. When Dave is in striking distance of the creature, the spacebar icon will appear above his head. Despite their diminutive stature, the Clione will be protected by a blue diamond as long as Dave requires them to complete the mission.

Dave the Diver: How to Get a Bug Net

Then, hit the spacebar to have Dave swing his net and collect the little fish, which will be added to his stockpile. In addition to catching the little fish players have been witnessing throughout the game but have been unable to catch and serve at Bancho’s Restaurant, they may also be used to catch sea horses for horse racing in the Sea People’s hamlet.


What is the best sniper in Dave the Diver?

Statistically speaking, the Red Sniper Rifle is unrivaled. This monster has the highest damage per shot of any weapon at 32, the longest range of any weapon at 20, and the most rounds per magazine at three. As befits a sniper’s rifle, this one is incredibly precise, and the laser sight makes aiming a breeze.

How do you unlock the steel Net Gun in Dave the Diver?

Once you’ve used the Small Net Gun you found in the weapon caches enough times, you’ll be able to unlock the blueprint for the Steel Net Gun.

Where is Titan triggerfish Dave the Diver?

In Dave the Diver, Titan Triggerfish can be found at rather shallow depths. Get the Sushi fixings ready.

Where is the baby whale in Dave the Diver?

The baby whale can be found 70 meters below the surface. Once you’ve descended around 50 meters, you’ll be able to hear the newborn whale. You can trace the source of the cry to a cave on the map’s left side after descending 70 meters.