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Dave the Diver: Sea People’s Stone Tablet Location


The primary tale of Dave the Diver is packed with activities that put your underwater exploring skills to the test, especially once you make contact with the Sea People. In Chapter 2, Dave needs a translator to communicate with the Sea People, therefore you’ll have to go diving to retrieve the Stone Tablet they use for their language. In Dave the Diver, the location of the Sea People’s Stone Tablet is described here.

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Stone Tablet Location

Players will locate a man Sea Person and a female Sea Person who has been injured after beating the big squid in this restaurant simulation game. Dave doesn’t grasp the man’s attempts at communication. He needs to go back to the ship and talk to Doctor Bacon. He’ll give Dave a list of three things to find and then craft a translator for him when he’s done.

Dave the Diver: Sea People's Stone Tablet Location

A stone tablet will likely be on his wish list. He can make the translator more quickly with the use of this tablet, which will include the Sea People’s language. Dr. Bacon will provide a major clue as to where to find the Tablet if you ask for it.

Finding the Record Chamber Again

Dave uncovered the painting in the Chamber of Records. This room may be found in the Limestone Cave, the entrance to which was destroyed earlier in the game. It’s in the same spot in Dave the Diver where the Sea Grapes were.

The Limestone Cave is located about in the center of the map at a depth of 90-100m, and it only appears to be there during morning dives. After locating it, gamers can enter. In this independent game, the Sea People’s Tablet will be in the center of the room.

Dave the Diver: Sea People's Stone Tablet Location

The heroes must return to Earth and meet with Dr. Bacon. He plans to construct the translator and deliver it to Dave the next day. Players of Dave the Diver can improve their chances of reaching the game’s next level of depth by working at the restaurant while they wait. They’ll need the money to buy an updated diving suit.

Dave the Diver: Sea People's Stone Tablet Location


How do you get the sea urchin Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver’s Purple Sea Urchin swims at relatively shallow depths. Even if you run into them early on, it becomes immediately clear that you can’t just go ahead and pick them up. Special gloves become available after making sufficient progress in the main quest, allowing the player to safely pick up urchins.

Where can I buy Marlin Dave the Diver?

The only method to find Marlin is to go looking for them on your own; they don’t spawn in a certain area, other than the Shallows. However, we encountered them over 30 meters up. You might find them down there, although we only encountered them in the Blue Hole’s shallowest depths.

Can you tranquilize sharks Dave the Diver?

To subdue sharks, players need either the Tranquilizer Rifle or a modified hush dart. In order to use the Duff’s Weapon Shop app on Dave’s smartphone, users must first improve the Rifle and Hush Dart from their rudimentary starting configurations. The Tranquilizer Rifle is the greatest choice because its upgrade is the simplest to create.

What do stars do in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver gives you a star rating based on the amount of meat you receive from each fish you catch.