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Dead Island 2 – All Slayers Characters Ranked


There were six Slayers when Dead Island 2 first came out, and they were all uniquely designed. The Slayers each have distinct dialogue, fully voiced lines, and distinct personalities in addition to having distinctive character models. Before making their final decision, gamers should think about what these characters are good at, even though each character has a hilarious phrase about slaying zombies. You will learn about all of the slayer characters in Dead Island 2 in this article:

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Carla thrives on manipulating the masses. She can take a ton of elemental damage because she has the strongest resilience in the game. She excels at fighting high-level zombies in the endgame because most of them have some form of element tied to them. Carla’s bread and butter is staying near to the zombies she is battling because she receives an additional damage increase when doing so.

Dead Island 2 - All Slayers Characters Ranked

When her health is in danger, she can use her second natural skill to increase her toughness. You can therefore deal a ton of damage and stay within the hoard for a longer period of time. Her comments and chats will also be enjoyable to you because of her humorous attitude. You’ll be eliminating special zombies left and right if you combine her with some of the best gaming perks.


Jacob is the game’s face and can be seen on the cover of Dead Island 2. If you are just embarking on your journey and want to have every survival item you could possibly need, he is the greatest. Jacob possesses the greatest maximum health in the game, so you won’t have to worry about taking multiple zombie attacks to bring yourself down.

Dead Island 2 - All Slayers Characters Ranked

He has the lowest resilience, therefore attempt to avoid any elemental strikes to counterbalance this advantage. However, when he attacks quickly, his natural skill Feral grants him an additional damage benefit. Additionally, when he lands a critical attack, Critical Gains regenerates stamina and increases his critical damage. If you keep striking the crucial spots, your damage will always be high.


In Dead Island 2, Dani is without a doubt the finest Slayer. Her demeanor is just as combustible as her innate skills. Dani is guaranteed to win your heart if you enjoy clever, occasionally snarky people. She is only one of the game’s greatest characters. Playing as her is always entertaining because of her humorous reactions to everything that goes on around her.

Dead Island 2 - All Slayers Characters Ranked

Among her natural abilities are Thunderstroke, which turns every hefty strike into an explosion, and Bloodlust, which allows her to restore herself by taking down several zombies at once. But be warned, her strong blows will cause adjacent oil to catch fire or possibly explode containers. Therefore, use caution when using strong assaults. The worst of all slayers, the health recovery, is the single drawback.


Ryan is the right choice if you’re fresh to the series and want a Slayer that is well-balanced and won’t give up quickly. Ryan’s five toughness points make it simple to keep him alive in the game. In addition, he gains strength after parrying or blocking blows, which allows him to effortlessly take down adversaries. Ryan is in good health and has the fortitude to resist elemental damage.

Dead Island 2 - All Slayers Characters Ranked

His agility is the sole drawback, therefore he won’t be traveling very quickly. Despite his superior tanking abilities, he doesn’t intend to flee. With the correct advantages, Ryan is a well-rounded, simple-to-play character that has the potential to be lethal.


Amy is the most agile person you can meet if you want to be quick on your feet. She is proficient in ranged combat and has a quick switch between weapons. She regains stamina when she throws a weapon, and striking solitary zombies grants her a slight damage boost.

Dead Island 2 - All Slayers Characters Ranked

When faced with numerous zombies, she can run away quickly, therefore it’s not a big deal if she is a little weak. Her style of aggression involves repositioning and attacking, and it is effective. She plays a style that will appeal to you if you enjoy hurling weapons at your opponents. Although the weapon throws aren’t as exciting as they once were, they’re still a lot of fun. One thing that will stand out to seasoned Dead Island players is this.


Among his companions, Bruno has the biggest critical damage. He is therefore ideal for vital builds and quickly eliminating zombies. When using his initial talent, Backstab, to attack zombies from behind, he deals a moderate damage boost. It can be challenging to hit zombies from behind when playing alone unless you try sneaking up on them. But when the zombies are focusing on your cooperative partners, that’s when his talent comes in helpful.

Dead Island 2 - All Slayers Characters Ranked

He gains agility by dodging or blocking zombie assaults, which also charges heavy attacks more quickly. He’s not horrible, but his natural abilities are better suited for cooperative games. If you enjoy using ranged weapons and target weak points, he may be quite deadly. He can deal a ton of damage with rifles, pistols, and even nailguns by consistently hitting headshots.


Who is the best all round character in Dead Island 2?

However, if you’re searching for the most playable character overall, we suggest choosing between Jacob and Carla. Both of them are solid choices because of their useful skills and respectable stats.

Who is the easiest character in Dead Island 2?

Ideal character to start with for newbies If you’re just getting started, Jacob is by far the greatest character to select because he excels at almost everything.

Which Slayer to pick Dead Island 2?

That being stated, Amy or Bruno ought to be your first choice if you like to play covertly. And go for Carla or Ryan if you like your Slayers to be tough and resilient. There are a ton of Skill Cards huge combine and customize to build a Slayer that is unique to you, regardless of who you choose.

What is the best weapon in Dead Island 2?

The majority of players believe that the fastest-firing Legendary Rifle in Dead Island 2, the Bodycount, is the greatest weapon. In addition to its amazing strength, it is useful for eliminating zombies one at a time or one at a time.

How do you get cyber slayer Amy in Dead Island 2?

Players who purchased Dead Island 2 in Gold, Deluxe, or Hell-A Edition are now able to get the Silver Star Jacob and Cyber Slayer Amy character packs for free. The Gaelic Queen Dani character bundle is also available to all Expansion Pass holders at no additional cost.