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Dead Island 2 – Gang Green Safe Key Location


You must locate missing persons in Dead Island 2’s multiple zones to complete several quests. You will encounter many kinds of zombies during the game, and they all hold these keys. Therefore, before you can obtain them, you must eliminate these undead monstrosities. The Dead Island 2 Gang Green Safe key may be obtained by traveling southeast from the safe’s location, finding a particular zombie, and killing him. The location of the gang green, safe key in Dead Island 2 will be explained in this article:

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Gang Green Safe Key Location

Go to the Gang Green store in the northeastern section of Venice Beach in Dead Island 2 to obtain the Gang Green Safe Key. Proceed towards the street by way of the alleyway. You’ll need to go southeast from that store until you eventually reach the region shown on the map below.

Dead Island 2 - Gang Green Safe Key Location

You must locate a zombie named Roach once you arrive at this location. Since this zombie can run, taking him out shouldn’t be too difficult. He’ll be the one with the black hat, and he’ll be close to the benches. He will drop the Gang Green Safe key for you to retrieve once you take him out.

How to Find the Gang Green Gate Key

  • Locate Doc Marin, the zombie, by following the walkway to the opposite side of Venice Beach until you reach the Gang Green dispensary, which is indicated on the map below.

Dead Island 2 - Gang Green Safe Key Location

  • Take the Gang Green Gate key from Doc Marin’s corpse by killing him.

Dead Island 2 - Gang Green Safe Key Location

  • To enter the building, proceed via the alleyway behind Gang Green and lift the gate.
  • There are several hidden traps inside, so proceed with caution and pay attention to where you walk as you approach the front of the business.

Dead Island 2 - Gang Green Safe Key Location

  • Here is where you’ll find the High Stakes journal entry that details Pablo’s tragic end and a body propped up against the counter.

The quest will be finished after you pick up the journal entry, and you’ll get 2000XP and a Rare Fire Axe in exchange.

How to Use the Gang Green Safe Key

The lockbox in the Gang Green Safe Store is unlocked using the Gang Green Safe key. In Dead Island 2, the rear entrance is the only way to enter the Gang Green Store. If you are visiting for the first time, you will discover that the gate is locked.

You need a key to enter the store, and you can obtain one in Dead Island 2 by doing a Lost & Found mission. You will need to locate a persona by the name of Pablo. To access the missing person’s board, go to the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue and select the Missing: Pablo Lost and Found quest.

Dead Island 2 - Gang Green Safe Key Location

After finishing this side mission, you must assassinate Doc Martin, who appears in front of the clinic, in order to obtain the Gang Green gate key. Doc Martin should spawn if you join another player’s game and complete a cooperative assignment if he doesn’t.

If he doesn’t spawn where he usually does, you can also explore the region a little more. You can access the Gang Green Store safe behind the counter by using the Gang Green Safe key. The Leeching Club, which you can claim as a reward and which has (430 to 505) Power in DI2, is located inside.


How do you get redacted in Dead Island 2?

Redacted begins with the player locating and eliminating Lt. Ford, who leaves behind the Redacted paper trail mission to complete. He’s a typical zombie to take out and spends much of his time in the military tent.

Is San Francisco in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, the zombie apocalypse occurs in Los Angeles. To choose their player avatar, also known as a slayer, at the start of the game, players must choose from six different playable characters.

Who is the best slayer in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, Dani is without a doubt the finest Slayer. Her demeanor is just as combustible as her innate skills. Dani is guaranteed to win your heart if you enjoy clever, occasionally snarky people. She is only one of the game’s greatest characters.

Where is LA 24 Dead Island 2?

The LA 24 News offices are located at the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Yupster Court; however, the front doors are boarded up and sealed shut. Fortunately, there’s a cunning method to gain entry. Proceed to the scaffolding near the intersection of Silicon Street and Stoker Place to enter the LA 24 News office.

Is Dani good in Dead Island 2?

Dani has some of the most deadly heavy attacks in the game when she combines this skill card with Thunderstruck with Heavy Hitter, especially when she uses a maiming weapon. She also has a lower chance of losing any health because it is a continual regeneration.