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Dead Island 2 – Goat Pen Master Keys Location


You’ll find yourself exploring the bachelor pad known as the Goat Pen residence early on in Dead Island 2. The Goat Pen Master Key is required to enter several of this place’s regions, and the former influencers’ residence is now solely inhabited by their undead. Somewhere in their house, these long-lost zoomers left behind the Goat Pen Master Keys, which you can use to unlock a locked door and uncover a new weapon blueprint. The location of the goat pen master key in Dead Island 2 will be made clear on this page:

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Goat Pen Master Keys Location

Strangely enough, the locked area that needs the keys to unlock is where the Goat Pen Master Keys are kept. it’s something you can only learn once you figure out a different way inside the room. You can’t know it in before. In fact, there are multiple entrances to the space. We’ll explain the simplest method below.

Follow the path indicated on the screenshot below to reach the back of the home, where you’ll initially find yourself when passing by it while driving through Bel-Air. The house is strewn with supercars. This will place you on the second-story lavish home, with views of a rooftop patio.

Dead Island 2 - Goat Pen Master Keys Location

Once you’re here, proceed to the edge of the roof so you can see a lower level with some sizable windows. You can really see inside the closed area through these windows, so get down and force your way inside. You can silence the alarm that will sound as soon as you hit the gadget against the wall, but a swarm of zombies will still attack, so grab your best weapons and go to work.

Dead Island 2 - Goat Pen Master Keys Location

Make room and proceed to the once tantalisingly inaccessible blueprint, highlighted below. Next to the bed where you entered are the keys to open the door, so you’ll have an easier time getting back in the future.

Dead Island 2 - Goat Pen Master Keys Location

Where to Find the Goat Pen Master Key

In Dead Island 2, the Goat Pen is a large mansion encircled by sports automobiles and large LED signage that are difficult to miss. There are two methods we might approach getting the Goat Pen Master Key, which will allow you to enter the many locked chambers throughout the estate.

Dead Island 2 - Goat Pen Master Keys Location

The first is breaking and entering, which in the middle of a zombie apocalypse isn’t really that big of an issue. But the second one calls for killing Goat Pen Jamie’s afflicted form. But you’ll need to perform the latter a little later in the game than when you probably initially get to the Goat Pen.


What are the major master keys in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, there is an artefact called the Major’s Master Keys. It is the set of keys that opens all of the Halperin Hotel’s doors. All of the Halperin Hotel’s doors open once the items are gathered, enabling the player to enter the Ballroom and exit through the Janitor’s Room.

Who is Major Booker Dead Island 2?

Survivor Major J. S. Booker appeared in Dead Island 2. Her job as an American Army major was to run the Halperin Hotel evacuation centre.

What killed the major Dead Island 2?

The Slayer made his way to face her through the hotel’s second and third stories. But before they could get to her, an apex-variant zombie named Becki the Bride killed Booker. The Slayer removed the ballroom key from Booker’s corpse even though she was dead.

Who is Sam B in Dead Island?

Having survived two outbreaks—one in Dead Island and one in Dead Island: Riptide—Sam B is an accomplished zombie slayer. He was praised for being the best character in both games for using large melee weapons to cut through swarms of zombies, but he has a completely new purpose in Dead Island 2.

Does Dead Island 2 have multiple endings?

You can select from six distinct characters to play as in Dead Island 2, and each slayer has a unique conclusion that revolves on their storyline. This does not imply, however, that there are several possible endings to the game’s story.