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Dead Island 2: How to Find a Crossbow


New to Dead Island 2’s downloadable content, Haus, is the Crossbow. This weapon allows you to kill zombies without drawing attention to yourself, and it can be very useful for eliminating a few foes before the real fighting begins. One of the five homes, however, features a moving brain that is currently blocking the entrance. Learn where to look for a crossbow in Dead Island 2 with this guide.

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How to Find a Crossbow

Even though it seems like there ought to be a Crossbow in one of the five nearby houses, there isn’t one. Instead, you’ll have to hold off until the Dead Island 2 DLC’s subsequent task. Fortunately, the Brain House isn’t necessary to carry out any of the three rites of passage.

Dead Island 2: How to Find a Crossbow

After completing the Rites of Passage at the first three houses, you can then head to the fourth and final house atop the hill. After that, you’ll enter the home on the hill and have to find Veronique’s head via navigating a labyrinth. The first destination you visited in the DLC was the Haus mansion, so once you find Veronique’s head at the end of the maze, you’ll want to take it back to her body there.

This entails going back through the maze to where the houses are. Once you’ve completed all of those steps and Veronique is back to full health, she’ll give you directions to a Well deep into the forest where you can find a “special weapon.” It’s a crossbow, as you probably guessed. From the Haus estate, you can access the woods via a private entrance. After entering the woods, seek out the Well.

Dead Island 2: How to Find a Crossbow

The Well is located at the far end of the forest on the northwest side. However, you’ll need to light two Pyres to unlock the gate leading to the Well once you arrive there. The Pyres are enormous wooden statues dispersed across the woodland. The gate to the Well will be unlocked if you set fire to the two statues, dispatch of the flaming monsters who appear, and return to the Well.

The final step is to descend into the Well and pick up the K-Prototype Crossbow from the floor. The Crossbow, which requires specialized Bolt ammunition, may be used to kill zombies and unlock locked doors and chambers in buildings. The Crossbow’s controls will be unlocked and explained in the upcoming Haus downloadable content mission.

Dead Island 2: How to Find a Crossbow

When you initially obtain the Crossbow, it will be automatically equipped. However, you may easily switch back to it by opening your weapon wheel. As the Haus DLC progresses, you will also locate more powerful Crossbows, so you won’t always have to rely on the K-Prototype you started with.

How to Use the Crossbow

Unlike the other weapons in Dead Island 2, this one has a slightly unique mechanism. If you think about most of the zombie-killing gadgets in the game, you’ll know that they’re all about carnage. The crossbow is unique among weapons in that its slow reloads and limited ammunition force its user to be more deliberate and patient. A headshot from it can do a lot of damage, but it’s not the best thing to bring into a battle if you expect things to get heated.

Therefore, the Crossbow is most effective when used pre-battle. Take out zombies one by one from a safe distance using the scope. If you get adept at lining up headshots, you shouldn’t be hesitant to swap in your Crusher in a tough fight. It may take some time to get used to, so please exercise caution.


What is the best weapon in Dead Island 2?

The Bodycount Legendary Rifle is often considered to be Dead Island 2’s best firearm due to its high fire rate. In addition to its incredible strength, it may be used to kill zombies either one at a time or in large groups.

Is there any legendary weapons in Dead Island 2?

Unfortunately, Legendary weapons are more of an end-game phenomenon than anything else, as you probably won’t come across them until very late in the main storyline. The wait will be worth it, though, when you consider how gratifying it is to use these weapons to eviscerate zombies.

What is the best headhunter in Dead Island 2?

One of the best Headhunter weapons, Blood Rage makes short work of Walkers if the player can charge up a killing blow to the noggin. In addition, Blood Rage comes pre-equipped with bonuses and deals enormous damage at a respectable rate of speed.

Can you sell named weapons in Dead Island 2?

An Exhaustive Guide to Finding Dead Island 2’s Rare and Mythical Firearms. Rare weapons are not tradable and cannot be broken down for their metal components. If you bring up their statistics page (F2 from your inventory on PC), they each have their own unique models and descriptions, and some may even arrive with a default perk already installed.

What is max level Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 allows players to level up to a maximum of 30. In most role-playing games, progress is made by gaining experience levels. They will remain at level 30 until the end of the game and will no longer progress in the game.