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Dedicated Team of Developers: In what cases are they hired?


Are you looking for experts who would be dedicated to your project as if they were your in-office employees? In that case, you should know the pros and cons of a dedicated development team.

Why Hire Dedicated Experts?

The main goal of a dedicated software development team is to hire experts to fill the lack of necessary knowledge in your company and work with the same commitment to the work process as if they were your own employees. Unlike other remote interaction formats, this one allows you to either completely replace developers needed for a particular project, or establish collaboration with your in-office employees.

How Does Collaboration with Dedicated Experts Start?

Usually, cooperation with a dedicated team begins with the collection of requirements and defining the project team structures. In particular, the hired development service provider analyzes the tech specifications of the project and the personal client’s needs for the workflow implementation.

Then, the hiring of specialists begins. After that, you can start appointing responsible persons and decide on communication channels and management tools.

And finally, you will have to agree on a format for reporting hours spent on development, according to which the service will be billed every month.


Now let’s move on to the benefits of dedicated software development teams.

  • Quick hiring. By default, the talent pool of your chosen digital partner has specialists with the expertise you need (in fact, this criterion is used to select a partner). Therefore, it takes no more than a few weeks to complete the team, and not months, as is usually typical for teams that are completed on your own.
  • Scalability. If necessary, you can always increase or decrease the number of IT experts if the project requires it. At the same time, you do not have to fire employees personally, which avoids the legal hassle associated with official employment.
  • Convenient delegation of tasks. You need to participate minimally to move your project forward since with this model of cooperation, administration and micromanagement often lie on the supplier’s shoulders.
  • Process transparency. You will regularly receive reports on the time and resources spent on specific tasks, and also be able to manage the development process personally. Thanks to it, you will always be informed at what stage of development your product is at, whether there were any difficulties with its implementation, and how will be the budget of the final solution.


Unlike traditional outsourcing, in this model of interaction, the client assumes part of the risks of the project, which include the transfer of knowledge necessary for the implementation of the project, as well as the allocation of resources for maintaining project documentation. It is also the client’s responsibility to ensure that the dedicated software teams are fully loaded, as downtime increases the project budget.

Final Thoughts

Dedicated development teams will be an ideal choice in cases when the client already has some experience working on digital products, they understand how their life cycle works, and they know how to plan processes for effective collaboration. Thus, this approach will eliminate the need to allocate their own human and program resources on a long-term basis for the implementation of the project. If you are looking for a dedicated team, feel free to contact us.