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How to Turn Off Motion Control on Your Nintendo Switch


The specific steps required to disable motion controls on Switch vary from game to game, but in most cases, you may do so by opening the settings menu after you have started a game, searching for an option to disable motion controls, and selecting that option. When you begin playing certain games, you may have the option of using either traditional controllers or motion controls. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to disable the motion controls on your Nintendo Switch.

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How to Turn Off Motion Control on Your Nintendo Switch

You will learn how to disable motion controls on a Nintendo Switch console by reading the following explanation, which uses Mario Golf Super Rush as an example:

1. Prepare to play your video game.

2. Start loading the list of available options that are located in the menu at the moment.

How to Turn Off Motion Control on Your Nintendo Switch

3. You are able to exert control over the motion by selecting the appropriate choice from the menu.

How to Turn Off Motion Control on Your Nintendo Switch

4. Make sure that at no point in the procedure has the option to restrict motion been chosen at any time in the process.

How to Turn Off Motion Control on Your Nintendo Switch

5. Create a mode of gameplay for the game that makes it possible to use motion controllers, and then check to see if the game actually supports using that mode of gameplay.

How to Turn Off Motion Control on Your Nintendo Switch

6. Access to the Configuration Options for the Select Button is Made Available To The User.

How to Turn Off Motion Control on Your Nintendo Switch

7. There is no use in making an effort to use the motion controls once the game has begun loading because they will no longer operate properly once the game has loaded.


Is the Nintendo Switch Motion Controlled?

Some games are compatible with motion controls, and the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, the Pro Controller, and other third-party controllers all come equipped with their own built-in motion sensors. You cannot use motion controls to navigate the system menus on the Switch, and motion controls are not implemented on a system-wide level. Because of this, the Switch itself does not support motion controls. There is no method to toggle the switch’s motion controls on or off, and this applies to any game you play on the Switch as well.

How do I connect Nintendo Switch controllers?

To connect Joy-Con controllers to a Switch, power up the system with the Joy-Cons still attached to the side. When the controllers are ready to be synchronised, a popup will appear asking you to hit one or more buttons on each of them. In the event that this does not work, you will need to push the sync button that is located on the sides of the controllers. Connect a Pro Controller to a Switch console using the USB wire that comes with the controller. This will allow you to pair the controller. If you have previously linked other controllers to the Switch, you may also go to Controllers > Change Grip and Order and then hold down the sync button on the new controllers until the Switch detects them. This option is available only if you already have other controllers paired to the Switch.

How do I charge Nintendo Switch controllers?

The Joy-Con controllers get their power from the Switch’s main battery. Simply slide them onto the screen’s edges, and they will continue to charge even as you play. Nonetheless, doing so will shorten the amount of time that the Switch’s battery lasts; however, you can get everything fully charged again by placing it in the dock. A USB-C cable, which you may either connect directly to the Switch console or to an outlet converter, is used to charge the Switch Pro controller.