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How to Turn On Downtime on Apple Watch


Your iPhone’s Screen Time app includes a function called Downtime that you can use. The software known as “Screen time” provides you with statistics regarding your screen usage as well as information regarding the number of hours you spend on your phone in addition to other intriguing facts. Your Apple Watch, Macbook Pro, and any other linked devices will all benefit from using Downtime because it will function across all of your connected devices. You need not worry; a notification will be sent to your device reminding you that the function is going to be activated in five minutes. This article will guide you through the process of activating downtime on your Apple Watch. So let’s get started:

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How to Turn On Downtime on Apple Watch

The activation of Downtime is a relatively straightforward process, so let’s jump right into it without further ado:

1. Click the button on the side of your Apple Watch to display all of the applications that can be used.

How to Turn On Downtime on Apple Watch

2. Now, select the Settings menu option.

How to Turn On Downtime on Apple Watch

3. Continue scrolling down until you locate the focus choice.

How to Turn On Downtime on Apple Watch

4. You have the ability to choose the Do Not Disturb option within the focus menu ( which is not really the Downtime but is similar ). Alternately, you can select the Work option. Choose Mirror my phone as the third available alternative.

How to Turn On Downtime on Apple Watch

5. Swipe up from the bottom of the watch screen to access the lower menu on your watch, and then just click on the icon that looks like a half moon. This is the icon for the Focus setting, and it is another choice for making the Downtime feature active. This will cause the Focus mode to be automatically enabled to ON with the options that were previously specified or those that are default.

How to Turn On Downtime on Apple Watch

NOTE: This will work on all versions of the Apple Watch up to and including series 7.


Does downtime apply to Apple Watch?

When Downtime is activated, it causes certain Apple Watch apps to become inoperable, and there is no way to enable them again using the “Always Allowed” setting. To be more specific, the “Workout” app that comes standard with Apple has been deactivated on my Apple Watch.

Why is my downtime not turning on?

Make sure that the Downtime feature is activated before continuing.

Go to Settings and then click on Screen Time when you want to check your Downtime. After that, select the Downtime tab. Check to see if the Downtime option is selected in the menu (it should be green). If it is not already on, you should activate it by pressing the toggle switch.

Do Apple watches alert if you fall?

If your watch determines that you have been motionless for around one minute, it will dial the number for you automatically. After the call is finished, your watch will send a message to your emergency contacts with your location, informing them that your watch detected a hard fall and phoned emergency services. The message will also inform them that your watch dialled emergency services.

How can Apple Watch tell if you’re unconscious?

If your Apple Watch determines that you have been still for approximately one minute, it will begin a 30-second countdown, during which it will tap you on the wrist and sound an alarm. The warning becomes more audible, making it possible for you or someone else nearby to hear it.

Can Apple Watch alert someone if you have a seizure?

SeizAlarm is an intuitive app that can be used on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch. It enables people who have epilepsy or another seizure disorder to immediately notify their emergency contacts whenever seizure-like motion or an abnormally high or low heart rate is detected.