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Dell S2419HGF Review For Gaming 2021


Dell S2419HGF Review

The Dell S2419HGF Review offers a sensibly evaluated bundle that incorporates strong gaming execution and unwavering quality in the bundle. This model likewise upholds both FreeSync and G-Sync similarity, permitting the item to punch over its cost reach and increment it’s anything but a more extensive crowd. The brand additionally publicizes that the Dell S2419HGF utilizes an exceptional board, intriguing us significantly more with respect to what that implies in imaging and responsive execution.

This Dell S2419HGF Review 24-inch S Series screen has a full HD TN board with very quick revive pace of 144Hz. The screen upholds AMD FreeSync, which is viable with Nvidia’s G Sync innovation, and offers sans tear designs. Pair this with the 1ms reaction time, and you get a standout amongst other g sync screens accessible on the lookout.

The Dell S2716DG set the bar for responsiveness. For sure its 23.8″ sibling has been utilized as a responsiveness reference in a significant number of our reviews. Out of the case shading execution left a ton to be wanted, however, and surprisingly after alignment a few issues remain. The Dell S2419HGF Review is a development of this model, offering support for FreeSync HP vs Dell and offering slight knock up in invigorate rate to 155Hz. We put this screen through some serious hardship to perceive how it piles facing its unique G-SYNC cousin, utilizing our typical gauntlet of ‘genuine world’ tests.


Dell S2419HGF Review

The screen utilizes a 27″ AU Optronics TN (Twisted Nematic) board with help for a 155Hz revive rate and genuine 8-bit tone (without vacillating). A 1ms dark to dim reaction time is indicated, very common for screens of this board type and invigorate rate. A portion of the key ‘ideas’ for this screen have been featured in blue beneath.

Key ideas of the particulars are featured in blue underneath.

  • Screen size: 27 inches
  • Board: AU Optronics M270DTN01 variation TN (Twisted Nematic) LCD Panel
  • Local goal: 2560 x 1440
  • Regular greatest brilliance: 350 album/m²
  • Shading support: 16.7 million (8-bits per subpixel without vacillating)
  • Reaction time (G2G): 1ms
  • Revive rate: 155Hz (variable, with Adaptive-Sync)
  • Weight: 6.05kg (counting stand)
  • Differentiation proportion: 1000:1
  • Survey point: 170º even, 160º vertical
  • Force utilization: 35W
  • Backdrop illumination: WLED (White Light Emitting Diode)
  • Regular cost as reviewed: £360 ($370 USD)

Design and Features

The Dell S2419HGF sports the brand’s particular straightforward plan that makes the screen effortlessly mixed up as an office variation. The matte dark and gunmetal finish has consistently been ideal to have, particularly in the event that you don’t care for cleaning down fingerprints and residue routinely. The drawback is this model isn’t without bezel, however the boundaries gracious each side look sensible and non-diverting.

Fabricate quality for the Dell S2419HGF Review phenomenal since the materials feel sturdy, while the gave stand doesn’t wobble. There are no lopsided holes in the creases or any restorative deformities on the edges which implies Dell’s quality control doesn’t debilitate if the subject is created for the spending fragment. The change instrument doesn’t squeak and it’s smooth, but at the same time it’s firm enough to hold the point you’ve chosen for all time.

Something we loathe from spending screens like the Dell S2419HGF is it’s anything but an OSD joystick. The catches are promptly situated on the right side beneath the base bezel, so they are inside for most clients. The issue is it’s befuddling and barely noticeable press something undesirable on the off chance that you are gaming in obscurity or in the event that you are as yet new to the key’s capacities.

What’s awesome about the Dell S2419HGF is dissimilar to comparably valued variations, it’s anything but a completely ergonomic stand. You can shift, turn, rotate, and change the tallness of the showcase, so you can without much of a stretch get a familiar view point that will not strain your neck. Customizability is additionally essential for TN screens since it permits you to counter the board type’s helpless survey points.

Display and Performance

The Dell S2419HGF uses a 24-inch TN board with a 1920 x 1080 goal, 144Hz revive rate, and 1ms reaction time. The board has a more brilliant, 350 album/m2 backdrop illumination and a 1ms reaction time achieved by the board type for fantastic pixel responsiveness.

The Dell S2419HGF’s size is perfect for its goal, and anything greater will instigate picture relaxing and some pixelation in illustrations. This organization is ideal for day by day use since you will not require scaling, in addition to games actually look great without extracting the life from your GPU. Clients will actually want to run the full revive rate with midrange cards effectively which puts this screen as an extraordinary pick for spending plan to midrange fabricates.

The Dell S2419HGF Review gives respectable execution in shading quality, beginning with its 96% inclusion of the sRGB range. Exactness out of the crate is higher than we’d typically like at Delta E 2.95. Yet it’s not difficult to further develop it to Delta E 1.12 with a couple of changes in the MacBook Pro i7 VS i9. Doing so will likewise address the gamma to a more tasteful 2.16 contrasted. The default 2.3 which makes pictures look marginally more obscure.


With the quick revive pace of 144Hz, and a full HD goal screen. The Dell S2419HGF is absolute incentive for cash. This screen will work with both AMD and Nvidia illustrations cards. The FreeSync innovation on the screen is viable with Nvidia’s G Sync, which is extraordinary for gamers. It likewise gets a lot of ports, for example, 2 x HDMI. 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x Headphone out, 2 x USB, and 1 x Audio line out. For somewhat more cash, you can get the Acer Predator XB271HU 27-inch Display with a bigger and higher goal show.

Thoughts on the Dell S2419HGF

The Dell S2419HGF Review is an astounding spending gaming screen in the event. You are hoping to spend close to 200 bucks. There are a few shortcomings in the picture quality division. The screen’s responsiveness is similar to top of the line models, making. It a viable and captivating choice in the event that you basically need a quick gaming screen.

This model additionally looks great notwithstanding the absence of gamer-driven additional. Items like RGB bling or sharp, dynamically shaded accents. We’ve generally cherished this trademark from Dell screens since they look downplayed. Great in the event that you check what’s in the engine.

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