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Borderlands 2: Borderlands The Pre Sequel Active Shift Codes


Get Borderlands The Pre Sequel Shift Codes Golden Keys by reclaiming these SHiFT Codes. Pretty much consistently Gearbox Software will deliver some SHIFT CODES for Golden Keys that you can reclaim inside Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. Each code will allow you a specific measure of Golden keys to use inside the game. When you reclaimed the SHiFT Code the Golden keys are accessible for every one of your characters.

Go to Concordia and open the uncommon chest for magnificent plunder. Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Golden Keys are shared over your vault trackers and must be utilized once. Utilize drivel’s mystery stockpiling to move stuff to your other vault trackers on the off chance that it is more qualified for that character. Look at the FAQ on the off chance that you need more assistance with recovering these Borderlands the Pre-Sequel SHiFT Codes.

Move is an out-of-game prize framework utilizing a 25-character alphanumeric code that, when inputted into Borderlands 2, or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, can be utilized to open restricted time offers inside the game. Move Codes are dispersed occasionally through web-based media administrations and reach from hot brief give-aways with a code expiry inside hours, to bigger occasion offers, for example, for Halloween.

PC codes must be reclaimed on the Steam variant of the games. Most of codes award Golden Keys, or open new character skins for the Quick Change framework, anyway borderlands the pre sequel shift codes nintendo switch for character hardware have additionally been delivered on uncommon events.

SHIFT Code Acquisition

Borderlands 2

  • Move Codes are occasionally appropriated from the accompanying web-based media sources:
  • Gearbox Software Community
  • Gearbox Software’s Twitter
  • Randy Pitchford’s Twitter
  • Borderlands on Facebook
  • ECHocast’s Twitter.
  • Youtube

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • Visit the SHiFT merchant to reclaim rewards.
  • Move Codes for Borderlands The Pre Sequel Shift Codes can be found in the accompanying authority sources:
  • Borderlands Twitter
  • Borderlands Facebook
  • Gearbox Software Forums

The cycle for reclaiming SHiFT awards in Borderlands The Pre Sequel Shift Codes likewise requires a visit to the SHiFT candy machine in Concordia. This candy machine is in the focal square opposite the Fast Travel station. This candy machine likewise permits players to include SHiFT codes in a game without exitting to the fundamental menu.

Occasional Events

Different occasional in-game occasions like Bloody Harvest and Mercenary Day merriments are additionally conveyed by means of SHiFT.

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Shift Codes That Work

While fans have hung tight years for a legitimate Borderlands 3. Gearbox delivered an interquel to help tide them over until the new game was prepared. This game was as a matter of fact Borderlands The Pre Sequel Shift Codes, set between the initial two games in the arrangement on Pandora’s moon. It’s getting a charge out of some new life on account of an ongoing update.

Another update for Borderlands The Pre Sequel Shift Codes gives the game 4K visuals. The 4K update and the publicity for Borderlands 3 has urged a few fans to re-visitation of the game, with players requiring shift codes to get brilliant keys to open the brilliant chest and gather a portion of the better plunder.

Like different Borderlands games, Borderlands The Pre Sequel Shift Codes l utilizes move codes to give players brilliant keys. It  players can utilize them to get brilliant keys just as some exceptional beautifying agents. Move codes frequently lapse only a few of weeks after they’ve been delivered, yet there are some that actually work today, just as new ones just as of late shared by the Borderlands group.

25 Golden Keys


PlayStation: 555JT-6TTX5-SFBKT-HTW33-T3F3T


20 Golden Keys
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