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Destinations to Visit in Ayia Napa During Your Vacation


Most of us think Cyprus is boring and lifeless, and that Ayia Napa is just a strip of bars and clubs for young people. Because Ayia Napa is a resort, there may not be many exciting places to see, making it uninteresting for a very discerning traveler. However, there are things to do and see for people who come here just to unwind on the beach.

Basic knowledge

In the 1980s, the city grew into a major tourist destination. It grew quite quickly and started to draw attention with stunning beach areas and a range of water activities. The distance between Ayia Napa and Larnaca International Airport, which is 60 kilometers, also plays a role in all of this. Almost all planes land here because it is the island’s primary air hub. You can take a bus from the airport to Ayia Napa. However, taking from Larnaca to Ayia Napa taxi will be a better choice. The journey with AtoB airport transfer will thereafter just last for roughly 40 minutes.

List of beautiful spots in Ayia Napa

The resort of Ayia Napa is largely a tourist destination, but it is worthwhile to visit for at least a few days because there is entertainment for those who enjoy art, nature, and architecture.

Sculpture Park

Admission to the city-based sculpture park is free. There are sculptures there by many different authors with original thoughts from all around the world. They are vivid in the image. Right beyond the park, a bridge leading to the cactus park is located, and below it, you can see the ocean.

Bridge of Love

You must snap a picture at one of Ayia Napa’s attractions that is specifically designed for couples. The majestic stone arch gradually descends to the clear seas of the Mediterranean. Most frequently, couples cross the bridge to take a beautiful picture and make a wish. There will undoubtedly be boats coming from Ayia Napa. This location stands out above others for its unrivaled magical power and alluring beauty.


The Ayia Napa monastery was built in the Venetian style during the Renaissance. The building is now a museum because the monastery is no longer in use. It is located in the resort’s main area for young people, Ayia Napa. It’s noteworthy that the monastery still exists today with the same layout as when it was first established. Tourists can easily get here by AtoB transfer and see the surrounding chapel and the coverlet that St. Veronica presented to Jesus on the journey to Golgotha.

Parko Paliatso

It’s difficult to stroll along the promenade while on a family vacation in Cyprus and skip the attractions in Ayia Napa. The vibrant Paliatso Park, located close to the sea in one of the main neighborhoods, has attractions for guests of all ages. The Luna Park is a popular destination for visitors to Ayia Napa rather than a notable monument.

Here, you can experience a wide range of thrilling rides, slides, and unusual attractions that guarantee a lot of good emotions. Travelers of many kinds, not just the most daring, choose to visit an amusement park. Go-karts, a carousel, swings, water slides, and lotteries are all included in the park. They are nevertheless fascinating even though there isn’t much excitement in them.

Tombs of Makronissos

Since one of the most popular local beaches is next to the rocky tombs of Makronisos, you don’t have to break your trip to Ayia Napa to see them. Along with the graves, the cave complex also contains a rocky sanctuary. There are quarries close by this place. The caves’ flat shape hasn’t changed since prehistoric times, and they are still in superb condition. They can be accessed through steps carved out of the rock. Each chamber has a number of stone benches. The entrance to the graves is covered with a slab of limestone.

Naturally, not all fascinating places were discussed in the review. Since every hotel is actually within walking distance of numerous attractions, the article is unable to mention them all. But you should also remember that you have the option of taking the AtoB airport transfer from Larnaca Airport to anywhere in Ayia Napa. After all, Cyprus is a region rich in historical events in addition to being a natural paradise.