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Destiny 2 a Weapon of Hope: How to Earn Lumina

Fawad Pirzada


Destiny 2 a Weapon of Hope

While your fireteam may be off partaking in the Halloween celebrations of the Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 a Weapon of Hope, you know better. That’s right. You will utilize the tranquil opportunity to get some R&R, and to make sure that when the Vex next come, that you’re as prepared as can be. Enter our A Weapon of Hope journey Destiny 2 aide in case you’re on the chase for Lumina, the rare healing hand cannon.

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The Lumina fascinating hand cannon is perhaps the most novel weapons in Destiny 2. It looks amazing, and can be utilized in both PVP and PVE. To obtain the weapon, players should discover and finish the Weapon Of Hope mission. The journey can be found in the same location as the Thorn questline.

The Lumina hand cannon is the fifth Exotic hand cannon in four seasons. Be that as it may, in contrast to the next four, Lumina is all about healing rather than harming. Lumina is the reversal of Thorn, and you’ll have to de-degenerate the infamous Destiny 2 a Weapon of Hope in the event that you want to assist your allies with enduring the dangers of the Destiny universe.

Predetermination 2’s mission A Weapon of Hope allows players to earn the Lumina extraordinary hand cannon. While the actual weapon isn’t the most viable at times, it has two extraordinary advantages that function admirably with each other. On the off chance that you are battling to discover Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge advantages, you should realize that you are needed to complete the Destiny 2 a Weapon of Hope first to obtain Luminas advantages.

A Weapon of Hope Quest Destiny 2 Guide – Lumina Perks

Why Lumina has been popular in the past and is probably worth a get now anyway is the fact that it has some really special advantages. We’re talking two in particular – Noble Rounds and Blessing of the Sky.

With Noble Rounds, killing foes will leave behind things called Remnants. In the event that you get them and discharge from the hip, the following shot you take. That manner will focus on an ally and top off your magazine a bit. Gift of the Sky is the real kicker here, because it transforms Noble Rounds utilized on an ally into healing for them, and also gives the both of you increased weapon damage.

A Weapon of Hope Quest Destiny 2 Guide – Lumina Quest Walkthrough

A Weapon of Hope is the questline that you must embark on the off chance that you want to get the Lumina hand cannon. Utilizing this Destiny 2 a Weapon of Hope, you’ll have the option to heal your allies and carry some utility to the team which a full-damage assemble would be unable to do. You’ll transform this into Lumina after you saturate it with your force. Here are the mission ventures for the A Weapon of Hope journey:

  1. Head back to where you discovered Thorn – the Salt Mines. You’ll have the option to plunder a letter from that fateful place in the EDZ. This will be inside a chest at the back of the camp where you discover Thorn.
  2. You’ll then, at that point be asked to discover a chest in a Lost Sector. The location varies from one player to another.
  3. You have to nab 250 Orbs of Light, which ought to be easy especially in case you’re attempting. This with a Fireteam; any Orbs got by your mates will check, so do any activity.
  4. Complete either Blind Well, Lost Forges, or Escalation Protocol until. You top off a point gauge, and generally kill adversaries without reloading.
  5. After that, you simply have to work Rose into your weapon rotation and complete activities.
  6. Lastly, you have to complete the 1000 Voices Strike again, while also annihilating. 11 Hive crystals while you’re in the strike. Kill the final supervisor with Rose, and that’s really. The finish of the A Weapon of Hope mission in Destiny 2.

Finishing all those means as is will allow you to transform your Rose into Lumina. As we referenced, we figure its advantages are bounty great. Need a hand with anything else on the Moon? Look at our aide on getting the Outlast Gambit Prime weapon.

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