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10 games for Android that will keep your brain toned


Researchers have found that at age 30 the brain reaches maturity and stops developing. If this process is left to its own devices – to reduce cognitive activity and not use the learned knowledge and skills, it will accelerate the onset of dementia – degradation of cognitive functions. That is why it is important not to let your “gray matter” relax – constantly load it with logical tasks.

Students who always have their smartphones handy can be aided by mobile games: you can skip one or two games while riding on public transport or waiting in line. Here are 10 apps for Android.

Find Out

Find Out is a game that develops tracking skills and business acumen. There are several modes: “Discovery” – you need direct interaction with places and objects to find hidden objects, “Detective” – you need to find hidden things, etc.

You won’t get bored with the variety of locations: home kitchen, modern office, cabin on a pirate ship, etc. Solve puzzles and progress to new, more challenging levels.

Puzzle of the Day

From the name of the app, you might think that you could only put together a puzzle once a day. But no, a large offline library of high-resolution images is available to the user: amazing landmarks, portraits of people, modern paintings, culinary delights, wildlife, custom essay, and so on.

Just a new mosaic appears every day, and you can compete with other players for speed. The number of tiles (that is, the level of difficulty) can be adjusted independently.

Bonza Word Puzzle

Let’s note right away that the application is entirely in English. And this feature may well be attributed to the advantages rather than disadvantages: you have the opportunity to pull up your English. The essence of the game is to match the already completed fragments of the classic crossword puzzle.

“Bonza Word Puzzle” will help activate your visual memory and expand your vocabulary. A laconic and discreet interface will appeal to fans of minimalism. Moreover, users can create their own Bonza puzzles and challenge friends and acquaintances. A great alternative to classes with a tutor, because this way you can easily do your English work without resorting to writing help.

Not Not

Not Not – as the creators of the application write, this is a “mind-blowing challenge”. The player has to rotate the cube according to the instructions: left, right, up, down – alternately. There are 5 seconds for each action.

With each new level, the task becomes more difficult because the inscription on the cube will start to confuse you (for example, instead of the usual “to the left” will appear “not right”). There will be color indicators, which will also disorient your train of thought. The game is suitable for those who want to learn how to make urgent decisions in critical situations.

Infinity Loop

“Loop” is another way to develop logic. The player has to connect all the corners and lines to make an intricate pattern, forming one or more loops. And this is an option for perfectionists.

There is the opposite method – “dark mode”: you need to separate the whole structure so that the fragments in the pattern do not relate to each other. Levels of difficulty in the “Loop”, as the developers assure you, are endless.

Classic Sudoku

Surely the rules of the Japanese crossword puzzle – Sudoku – are known to many. In a grid of cells, 9×9 numbers from 1 to 9 must be arranged (every nine times) so that they do not repeat either in the horizontal or vertical line.

With 6 levels of difficulty (that’s over 10,000 puzzles), Sudoku can be played by beginners and pros alike. The application saves the results of each game and regularly shares statistics with you. The bravest can participate in online competitions. For convenience, you can choose between three available themes: white (normal), yellow (for eye relief), and black (contrasting).

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