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Destiny 2 – Guide To Complete Bergusia Forge in Black Armory

Dian Zain



Bergusia Forge was meant to be unlocked for Destiny 2 players by completion of a unique puzzle in the Niobe Labs Forge, but the developer Bungie has now forgone this and unlocked the new mission for everyone.


And for the conclusion of that, obviously, you’re aiming to complete Bergusia Forge as the final Forge in the game to be completed and gain the loot. Now, in this article, I will guide you on how to complete Bergusia Forge in Black Armory.

  • Where To Find Bergusia Forge?

You can find Bergusia Forge in the EDZ, in the very southernmost point of the entire region. To be noted, it recommends a power level of 650 in order to undertake it, which is the current maximum power level that you can actually rise to in Destiny 2. This isn’t confirmed, but if it’s real, then you will need to complete all prior Forges in Black Armory first.

  • Kill glowing blue enemies as quickly as possible

There are three waves of enemies in Bergusia Forge, and you will have to kill glowing blue enemies as quickly as possible, pick up the batteries that they drop, and throw them at the central Forge point in order to advance to the next wave.

  • Complete the boss

Once you’ve done two waves of throwing 20 batteries into the central Forge, the big boss of Bergusia Forge will arrive. It will come with the form of a Fallen tank, so be prepared to equip some single fire, accurate, and powerful weapons.

Simply focus your fire on one leg of the tank until it’s down, then shoot the central glowing orange section of the behemoth. Keep on repeat the fire until the Fallen tank is down for good.

  • Special Rewards

As the toughest Forge in the game, Bergusia Forge definitely offers some of the best rewards, which will earn you multiple Prime/Exotic Engrams during this mission, or even level up once the power level increases during the next Destiny 2 season.

Bergusia Forge is also capable of dropping weapon frames from other forges, so for the frames which require Gofannon or Volundr being completed, you actually have a chance of seeing the frame drop at Bergusia as well.

You also have a small chance of getting the new exotic fusion rifle Jotunn from completing this activity as well. This weapon is extremely powerful as it essentially shoots a charged fireball that tracks enemies and explodes on impact.

And don’t forget, if you’re working on the Mysterious Box Quest, you will need to complete the drones from Bergusia Forge completely to complete the tasks.

Destiny 2: Black Armory is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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