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Destiny 2 – Pit of Heresy Map Guide

Fawad Pirzada


Pit of Heresy Map

The Pit of Heresy Map is Destiny 2’s Hive-themed prison. This most recent 3-man movement provokes players to plunge beneath the outside of the Moon and bring down an antiquated malevolence. Our Pit of Heresy guide will cover each experience in detail.

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Needing a Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy control? We have you covered with a breakdown for your next prison creep, Destiny 2’s second of its sort. This is a three-gatekeeper apex occasion in which players will wind up tried in the two mechanics and perseverance. Along these lines, here’s my full Pit of Heresy Map walkthrough.

This guide will be going over each experience and how to get Telesto Catalyst in Destiny 2 each experience, this will be a conventional guide so not class explicit.

The Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost update added a few new things and exercises to Destiny 2. Past the new outlandish Xenophage weapon and the occasional Haunted Forest movement, players were likely generally anticipating the new prison, called the Pit of Heresy Map. At the point when you fire up the game after the update, in any case, it’s no place on your guide and not referenced in your journeys, so some might be considering how to begin the new prison in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. This Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy guide will direct you toward the area expected to begin the mission.

Pit of Heresy guide

Pit of Heresy Map

The Pit of Heresy is one of Destiny 2’s most difficult bits of substance. There are a ton of experiences, each with interesting mechanics that expand upon each other coming full circle in the last battle. Despite the fact that it is feasible to solo immaculately, most players are almost certainly more intrigued by first agreement how to finish the prison.

First of all, you should open the Pit of Heresy Map. To do this, you should finish a short mission given to you by Eris Morn. Whenever this is finished, you can proceed onward to really beginning the movement.

Before you start the Pit of Heresy, it’s a smart thought your fireteam is in any event Power 950. The later experiences arrive at 980 Power which can end up being a test if underprepared. As far as weapon loadout, Divinity and Izanagi’s Burden are two brilliant alternatives. It’s likewise worth doing the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun journey before you start, so you can finish it while you’re in the prison.

How to start Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy

Before Eris will even consider giving you access the Pit of Heresy Map, you’ll need to address a little task for her, called Deepening Wake. That implies you’ll have to take an interest in the Moon’s new movement, which is fundamentally a blend of the Blind Well and Escalation Protocol, however with Hive.

This occasion expects players to overcome five rushes of foes, and afterward a chief. As it happens in Sorrow’s Harbor, you will end up battling side by Legend & Master Lost Sectors with numerous individual gatekeepers. Should you figure out how to finish the full five waves first time, you’ll have more than satisfied Eris’ solicitation and gotten respectable plunder for your endeavors.


First guarantee you are the right force level. The Pit of Heresy Map is a 940 Power Level (PL) occasion and that absolutely feels defended. Regarding foes, you can solely anticipate the Hive, yet no Champions. That implies you can focus on sun powered harm for witch safeguards and mods for additional harm against managers, which you’ll unquestionably require.

Loadouts can be similarly as adaptable, however the attempted and tried mix of Izanagi’s Burden/Recluse/Whatever Grenade Launcher you lean toward functions admirably. All things considered, no one will care either way if one of your Fireteam needs to flex their Divinity. Likewise every experience flaunts an assembly blockade at its beginning stage, so stock up on those, as well, in the event that you haven’t as of now.

First encounter

The primary experience is tied in with coordinating with the right runes and using a relic to crush adversaries with exceptional communications. There are a few pinnacles worked in to the substance of the mountain in the primary region. Each pinnacle has a Hive rune on top that is utilized to explore this stage.

To discover which runes you ought to be searching for you need to drop off the bluff and into the primary pinnacle. Here you need to slaughter a bunch of adversaries and access a room with a Knight in that. Crushing it rewards you with a relic and a perspective on three runes.

Observe them and follow your means. At Pit of Heresy Map that point track down the coordinating with pinnacle and dispatch its occupants. You’ll have to utilize the sword relying upon the foe. In the event that the room has a Knight, utilize the relic’s scuffle work. On the off chance that it’s a Wizard, release a harm managing shot. At that point, if it’s a Shrieker, divert its shots back at it to obliterate it.

At the point when you’ve completed each of the three pinnacles dependent on the runes you’ve noticed, a leave will open and a chest will show up.

Second encounter

Gather your plunder and proceed until you see a mass of entryways. Overlook the huge swath of entryways and search for an opening in the divider to take simply off to one side of the wrecked scaffold on which you’re standing.

Follow this way until you drop in to a faintly lit room. Here there are some secret passages with little Hive films securing them, which can be obliterated with a couple of shots. There are additionally two unkillable monsters rampaging around the more extensive passages, so be careful.

Getaway this by exploring these passages and executing the Hive Knights you go over. Slaughtering a Knight triggers a void circle dropping. Dunk this sphere in a vessel outside of three entryways the monstrosities are ensuring. After you slaughter three and store their circles in every one of these entryways the following stage initiates.

Third encounter

Pit of Heresy Map

The third experience in the Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy Map is generally a wave guard action with a debuff specialist. There’s an enormous divider secured by six Hive runes in the focal point of the room. You will probably annihilate them.

Like the past experience, you need to annihilate Hive knights and store their void circles in the holder close to the obstructed entryway. In the event that the group gathers enough of them, it’s down finished. Counter this by saving void circles, accordingly decreasing the debuff.

My group dealt with pivot: we positioned one of us outside the way to slaughter adds that generate over the space and discharge crushing shots. At Service Revolver in Destiny 2 point we exchanged each time one of us kept a circle. At the point when you’ve stored each of the six, the experience finishes and you can impact your way through the entryway.

This time you need to painstakingly Pit of Heresy Map around the edges and stages inside the space while searching for additional pinnacles with runes that match those on the new entryway.

At the point when you find one of these pinnacles you should murder a Hive Wizard inside and the foes encompassing it. At the point when you clear the territory, the rune vanishes. Your greatest obstruction is the platforming here, so prepare versatility amicable stuff or change your bounce for this segment.

Fourth encounter

The fifth and last period of the Pit of Heresy Map is a huge supervisor stage that reviews a portion of the past experiences. You need to slaughter Knights for relics and dunk more void circles, all while the prison manager downpours down shots.

To advance to a harm stage, murder the Hive Knights that encompass the field. Take their relics to one of the three close by towers, slaughter the significant foe. As you did in the primary experience, take the dropped void sphere. The adversary drops, and store them in one of the three containers.

As you store the third sphere the manager enters a harm stage and the floor underneath you gleams green. Stay in this spot to keep doling out harm. After a timeframe the supervisor twists down on one knee and begins to charge an assault. This assault slaughter you immediately, so hide outside the harm zone to stay away from it.

It took my Fireteam two periods of manager harm to overcome. It appears to be feasible to do it in one. Notwithstanding the number of stages it takes, when that supervisor. Goes down you will get a completely masterworked piece of zenith gear.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep | How to get to Pit of Heresy dungeon location

The principal thing you need to do is head down to the Moon and talk with Eris Morn. After showing up after the Festival of the Lost update, she’ll give you a mission called The Deepening Wake. This mission expects you to finish the Altars of Sorrow action in Sorrow’s Harbor. You’ll have to effectively beat at any rate the third level and rout 20. Nightmares in the action, so make certain to look at our. Altars of Sorrow manage for subtleties on how the occasion functions.

Whenever you’ve finished this progression, head back to Eris, and the prison will be opened. You’ll currently see a symbol for the area. The Pit of Heresy Map on the left half of the Sorrow’s Harbor map. Before you start, note that the prison isn’t match-made, and is a 940-power movement.

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