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How to Find Service Revolver in Destiny 2

Mudasir Jamil


Service Revolver is not an ordinary weapon in the game. It was first introduced in Season 3 of Destiny 2. But with the release of Joker’s Wild: Season of the Drifter, the famous Hand Cannon has been upgraded with some rework granting it random rolls for most of the perks as soon as it drops. It was not an ordinary weapon before but with the upgrades, it has become legendary. Now it is far more tempting than it ever was. For players who didn’t find it important to look for Service Revolver and are regretting their decision now, we have gathered some useful information. This article will tell about all the information you need to find Service Revolver in Destiny 2.


How to get Service Revolver in Destiny 2:

Previous version of Service Revolver did not have many perks and most of them were static. If you found the Revolver in Season 3, then you can simply buy it again from your collection. Although, the gun you’ll be purchasing from the collection will come with fixed perks, not more. Luckily, it you have already unlocked it then you can find in the drops from Vanguard Strikes. To find it in a drop, you simply have to play Vanguard Strikes and with a bit of luck, it will be found in any drop. Perks of the Revolver will differ from each other randomly. If you don’t like the perks on one version, keep playing unless you find another one.

For Players, who didn’t have Revolver previously will have to do some extra work. You must complete Season 6: Completions Triumph to unlock the Hand Cannon. This quest can be found in Vanguard tab. You’ll be given a challenge to complete 40 strikes from Vanguard strike playlist. Of course, it will be difficult and time consuming but if you want Service Revolver bad enough, we would say it is not a big price to pay.

After completing the Triumph, go meet Zavala and you can purchase the gun. But the gun you’ll buy from Zavala will have fixed perks. If you want a Revolver with different perks, we suggest you start grinding by the method told above. Play Vanguard Strikes and hope that you may find the Revolver of your favorite perks.

Have you found the Service Revolver yet in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter? Tell us in the comments section below.

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