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Destiny 2: Strand Weapons Guide


The Witness and the Traveler take form in Destiny 2’s newest addition, Lightfall. Guardians must band together to face the new Darkness subtype, Strand, in Destiny 2 as the fight with the Cabal heats up and a new Disciple threatens the Traveler. Despite initial negative reactions to Lightfall, Strand has quickly become a bestseller. As Guardians spend more time with it, they come up with increasingly creative ways to kill. All of Destiny 2’s Strand Weapons are explained here.

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The Immortal

The very first weapons used in the Trials of Osiris that make use of Strand, The Immortal have not yet been broken in by the harsh conditions of the battlefield. When new information becomes available, we will make sure that this listing is updated accordingly.

Destiny 2: Strand Weapons Guide

Volta Bracket

This sleek sniper rifle, which is both a craftable weapon and a component of the Lightfall set, holds the number one spot in the 72rpm bracket for sniper rifles at the present time. The fact that this weapon is a Strand weapon during an expansion in which kinetic weapons deal 15% higher damage to unshielded enemies is the single most detrimental aspect of this item.

Destiny 2: Strand Weapons Guide

Synchronic Roulette

Although the Synchronic Roulette SMG is not a practical choice for player vs player combat, using it can be entertaining at times. The recoil is significant, the rounds per minute are quite low, and it lacks the unique quality that gives other submachine guns their allure. It is a serviceable backup for those who do not possess any other submachine guns.

Destiny 2: Strand Weapons Guide


The Perpetualis is an auto rifle from the Strand that can be crafted and is included in the Season of Defiance gear. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also has the potential to be created with a great deal of additional benefits, similar to the Hatchling that was discussed earlier. It has been quite some time since an automatic rifle has stood out as much as this one has, and it justifiably merits the number one slot in the 600 rpm class.

Destiny 2: Strand Weapons Guide

Round Robin

The collection of hand cannons can never have too many good additions, and Round Robin is just another fantastic weapon to add to the growing arsenal. You may expect to see this one dominate Player vs. Player combat, just like any other popular hand cannon would. The fact that it is now ranked first in the 120rpm category is definitely something that helps its case.

Destiny 2: Strand Weapons Guide

Circular Logic

Because of one particular perk, Hatchling, the Heavy Machine Gun known as Circular Logic has risen to the top of the charts and is currently ranked number one for 450 rpm. When a target is killed with a final blow that requires precision or when a target is killed quickly with a weapon that does not require precision, a Threadling is spawned at the position of the target. You read that correctly, this weapon can create Strand minions!

Destiny 2: Strand Weapons Guide

What is Strand in Destiny 2?

Each of the subclasses in Destiny 2 derives its abilities from a different type of power. This is the source, according to Strand, which is an understanding of the Darkness and how it is present in everything. According to the rumors and leaks that surfaced in the past, the predominant color scheme is green.

Learning to master Strand is an important component of the Guardian’s journey through Lightfall, and it enlightens us about the fundamental aspects of the Destiny universe in the process. The Guardians will have an unprecedented level of control over their surroundings as a result of these brand-new powers.


Is there a Strand energy weapon Destiny 2?

This exotic weapon can deal significant damage reduction by severing its target with a strand of energy. That isn’t very impressive on its own, but when friends come into touch with the beam, they gain Woven Mail.

What is the Strand Scout rifle in Destiny 2?

The Taraxippos is the first Strand scout rifle in Destiny 2, and it features a variety of powerful bonuses in both PvE and PvP. The Hung Jury SR4 and this pistol share a similar appearance, but their internal workings are very different.

Is Strand good in Destiny 2?

It’s one of the greatest Hunter specs in Destiny 2, and one of the best in the game overall. Moreover, it’s simply plain entertaining.

Who is the strongest in Destiny 2?

However, Saint-14 returned to Destiny 2 thanks to Osiris’ efforts during Season of Dawn, and he has remained a fixture in the game ever since. He remains, to this day, one of the most formidable Titans in the franchise.