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Diablo 4 – How to Get Gravitational Aspect


If players want to play the Sorcerer class, Gravitational Aspect is a strong build option because it makes the Ball Lightning talent into a very potent spell. This magic-dependent class is skilled at teleporting and performing spells, and they can use all the elements. Since there is only really one way to obtain it, locating it may be somewhat difficult, therefore, Diablo 4 gamers may find it difficult to incorporate it into their playstyle. You can learn how to obtain the gravitational aspect in Diablo 4 by reading this article:

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What Does the Gravitational Aspect Do?

Sorcerers use items called Gravitational Aspects in Diablo 4. Their offensive effects might be very useful when designing a lightning skill-focused build. Ball Lightning circles your character when equipped. Still, there will be a 10–20% reduction in damage.

How to Get Gravitational Aspect

Sadly, there is no longer a chance for players to obtain it as a reward for finishing Stage 4 challenges, as there was in Season 1. Rather than this, players must dedicate their time to consistently farming and grinding things to obtain Gravitational Aspect.

Diablo 4 - How to Get Gravitational Aspect

The truth is that players must locate a legendary item having this feature to obtain this element. The following advice can help fans in their search:

  • Completing dungeons:  Dungeons teeming with foes will be a significant source of treasure. Such dungeons are commonplace for Diablo 4 players, and if they’re fortunate, one of the treasure items may be a legendary piece of gear containing Gravitational Aspect.
  • Defeat World Bosses: Another method to obtain more legendary artifacts is through World Bosses. These bosses appear in particular places every few hours, and players can defeat them together to get rewards.
  • World Events: Completing World Events—which, like bosses, are located in the game world—is an additional sensible choice. The missions can be different, and upon doing them, players will receive a large loot chest that may hold a legendary item. Furthermore, fans can obtain Obolts by finishing World Events. These Obolts can then be spent at the Purveyor of Curiosities to try their luck at winning a legendary item that might include the Gravitational Aspect.

It’s also important to remember that not all equipment has this feature, but the following do:

  • Ring
  • Amulet
  • Gloves
  • 1H weapon
  • 2H weapon

How to Use Gravitational Aspect

There are two uses for legendary items with Gravitational Aspects that players may be fortunate enough to obtain:

  • Build: The user can immediately equip a legendary item with this aspect and reap the rewards if it fits well with their build. If not, players can assemble a configuration that makes good use of the discovered object.
  • Extract the Aspect: Removing the aspect from the item is a fantastic substitute if players don’t like the first choice. Fans will need to visit the occultist and carry out specific tasks to extract the element in order to accomplish this. They can then imprint it on whatever equipment they think would be most appropriate.

After everything is finished, players can at last experience the effects of Gravitational Aspect. “Ball Lightning orbits around the character, but the damage is reduced (15 – 25%),” states the in-game description.


Can you have 2 of the same aspects Diablo 4?

They don’t, to put it succinctly. The same Aspect cannot be used more than once by players in their constructions. When this is done, one of the redundant Legendary Items’ Aspect descriptions will become gray, signifying that the player is not benefiting from it.

Can you imprint multiple aspects Diablo 4?

You cannot stack the effects using a single item because each piece of equipment can only have one Legendary Aspect imprinted on it. However, you can have numerous things equipped with various Aspects dispersed among them.

What is the secret of the spring in Diablo 4?

In Secret of the Spring, all you have to do is use the appropriate emote to inform the spring to wait after you’ve reached the map marker. You can finish the objective by looting the chest that will appear when you accomplish it.

Can you salvage aspects Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, practically everything can be salvaged—with one notable exception. It will be impossible for you to recover a legendary weapon or item of equipment if you imprinted a new Aspect on it at The Occultist.

What’s overpower damage in Diablo 4?

A three percent chance of applying to all attacks, Overpower is an extra damage mechanism that isn’t applied to most damaging passives, damage over time effects (such poisons and bleeds), or channeled effects like Barbarian’s Whirlwind. The blue damage numbers indicate this.