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The Outlast Trials – How to Play with Friends


In the third part of the Outlast series, players can enjoy a unique multiplayer experience in the psychological horror survival game, The Outlast Trials. Players can level up their characters by completing trials that unlock powers and skills. Although the trials can be completed alone, cooperative play makes things easier to handle and less scary for players with problems fending off the facility’s monsters. You may learn how to play The Outlast Trials multiplayer in this article:

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How to Invite Friends

You can invite friends to join your game once you’ve set up your online preferences. Using the Terminal Menu, you can extend an invitation to three people. You may add friends straight from your Steam friends list or join each other’s groups using an Outlast Trials friend code, which makes it quite convenient.

The Outlast Trials - How to Play with Friends

How to Play Multiplayer

After finishing the tutorial, players are dropped into the Sleep Room, a lobby-style space with other players. They can choose a trial, modify their online preferences, add a buddy, and adjust their loadout from the main terminal, which is located there. You can play online with friends only, in secret, or publicly. When the game is halted, players can also change their online preferences from the “Group” option.

The Outlast Trials - How to Play with Friends

The highest number of players that can form a group is four. Gamers can invite random people in the Sleep Room or send direct invitations to their Steam pals. Players can join each other’s groups by using an Outlast Trials Friend Code once cross-platform functionality is implemented. Alternatively, you can use the “Group Finder” tool at the terminal to find yourself in a random duet, trio, or quad.

The Outlast Trials - How to Play with Friends

The group finder will take some time to match players, but the chosen trial will begin immediately when the right number of people are available. Once in a game, participants can speak with other players via voice chat, ping, or rapid communication. Since the trials are difficult and usually require solving a riddle, success is more likely when teamwork is strong.

The Outlast Trials - How to Play with Friends

A player will perish if they are attacked to the point of bleeding out unless another player revives them. From the start menu, players can exit the match and group at any time.


Is Outlast trials good with 2 people?

Yes, do it consistently. It’s definitely the best way to play; solo doesn’t even let you lose technically, and duo offers the optimum amount of suspense and challenge while still providing you with a partner to watch your back and assist with duties.

How many people can play Outlast trials together?

You have the option of working through the trials alone or in groups of two, three, or four players.

Which Outlast game is co-op?

Co-op horror game The Outlast Trials is presently available in early access, and players have responded well to its horrifying gameplay.

What is the point of Outlast trials?

You can play the horror game The Outlast Trials online or by yourself. The Murkoff Corporation uses human guinea pigs against their will to test mind control and brainwashing techniques during the Cold War era. Make it through the trials with friends or have the courage to go it alone.

How many trials will outlast trials have?

There are five missions on each map. There is a primary mission, two minor challenge missions, and two “final tests” that are essentially much more difficult versions of the main objective. You must finish all five tasks on each map in order to access the Program X mission chain. That makes a total of fifteen stages.