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Diablo IV – How to Find Hidden Camp


There are plenty of allusions to earlier games in the franchise in Diablo 4. There have been appearances of items like the Harlequin Crest and the renowned Butcher opponent, and Estuar’s scenery is no different. Anyone who played Diablo 3 will recognize the Hidden Camp, and you can now locate what’s left of it in Diablo 4. You will learn how to locate Hidden Camp in Diablo 4 by reading this article:

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What is the Hidden Camp?

Acts in Diablo 4’s antecedents were essentially divided by zone; there was almost any backtracking between the main areas. Like there is a main city with all of the crafters and dealers in every section of D4, there were distinct hubs for each Act. For Act II, the hub “city” was the Hidden Camp.

Diablo IV - How to Find Hidden Camp

The Nephalem of D3 travels to the Hidden Camp after discovering the identity of the enigmatic man who fell from the sky and following Deckard Cain’s unexpected—and contentious—death. Tyrael and Deckard’s foster daughter Leah built it up covertly above Caldeum; they were unaware at the time that they were directly above a city under the control of Belial, the Lord of Lies, a lesser evil.

The overlook on the northwest side of this Act II core region is among its most recognizable features. Admire Caldeum from above by peering over the ledge on the west side of town; just be careful not to let the nearby wasps and insects take your attention away from the breathtaking vista.

Where to Find the Hidden Camp

Regretfully, Act VI of Diablo 4 is when you can reach this location. The land beyond this point is accessible, but it won’t open until much later in Act VI. The Kehjistan map shows the precise location of this territory, but getting there will need some effort. Fortunately, you’ll have a horse by now, which will greatly expedite the journey.

Diablo IV - How to Find Hidden Camp

Access to the Gea Kul waypoint on the Kehjistan coast is the most direct route there. The location shown by the green square on the map above has closed doors at all entrances. Act VI is the only way to access this Diablo 4 zone, which is covered in gigantic closed doors and rubble.

Until you reach the twisting canyons north of the Fields of Hatred, you will ride northeast. You can see a small trail leading northward to this position to the left of the green square. If you become lost, find your way to the Fields of Hatred in the south and take the path that leads north to get back on track.

Hidden Camp Location

The Diablo 3 Hidden Camp is located in the Kehjistan region. The camp, which is currently called The Forgotten Overlook, is located directly north of the Denshar waypoint. It is obvious that the camp has seen better days. Although you were given a beautiful view of Caldeum, the capital of Kejhistani, in the last game, the camp is now overrun by insects and has a run-down, abandoned appearance.

Diablo IV - How to Find Hidden Camp

Act Five of the Main Campaign takes place in Kehjistan, hence accessing the area usually requires a significant number of levels. Furthermore, the entrances to the camp itself are first blocked off by debris and only reopen once Act Six is finished. This is a requirement for finishing the Main Campaign, therefore you may think of going to this website as a post-game activity.

Given that Diablo 4 takes place fifty years after the events of Diablo 3, it is evident that the now-empty camp has undergone significant modifications and offers little to no advantages for players who want to travel. The camp itself still has a healing well, but there are no quests or non-player characters there. The former Waypoint is partially hidden in the sand, but it is no longer the bustling core of the quest that it once was.


Are there any secret areas in Diablo 4?

There are many unexpected places in Diablo 4, ranging from solitary Strongholds to unexplained blasts from the past. While some may be readily missed, others may be concealed in plain sight. We’ve selected some amazing sites that you won’t want to miss whether you’re adventuring, exploring, or hunting for rewards.

Is there a vault in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, Whispering Vault is a dungeon located in the Dry Steppes zone. Skeletons and spirits dwell in this lair. Even though the dungeon is rather big, you might finish it in less than ten minutes with luck.

What is the hardest class to play in Diablo 4?

Savage. In Diablo 4, Barbarians are a difficult class of heroes to control because of their lengthy cooldown periods and great reliance on hand-to-hand fighting. They are the game’s equivalent of a Tank since they are physically tougher and stronger than the Rogue class but lack their mobility.

Is there a treasure Goblin Portal in Diablo 4?

Small, passive monsters known as treasure goblins are always carrying a big bag of loot. They will take off at the first sight of danger, leaving behind little mounds of gold. They will eventually find a doorway to escape the battlefield and take their loot with them.

Who is the secret boss in Diablo 4?

One of Hell’s most recognizable foes, The Butcher, makes a comeback in Diablo IV to scare players who might unintentionally stumble upon and have to defeat this terrifying hidden enemy. It is possible that players may be unprepared when this beast comes in dungeons seemingly at random.

Where is the shifting city in Diablo 4?

Shifting City is situated in the Dry Steppes’ Qara Yisu subregion. This subregion is closer to Nevesk than it does to Ked Bardu, to the southeast of Ked Bardu.