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How to Change Screen Resolution on Vizio TV


Adjusting the pixels on a TV is what’s meant to happen when the resolution of the TV is changed. You are able to modify the level of clarity of what is displayed on the screen of your Vizio TV by either increasing or decreasing the number of pixels. To find out how to alter the resolution on a Vizio TV, continue reading the following section. Your Vizio TV’s settings menu will allow you to make adjustments to the pixel count. Wide, 1080p, and 720p are the many resolutions that can be selected from the menu. You have the ability to personalize your TV to achieve the highest possible picture quality by selecting the option.

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How to Change Screen Resolution on Vizio TV

Change the Aspect Ratio

The term “aspect ratio” relates to the dimensions of the screen on a Vizio TV. It is a measurement that takes into account both the height and width of the screen. If the aspect ratio is 4:3, it indicates that there are four lengths but only three widths in the whole thing. The signal that your TV is receiving determines the resolution of the content that it displays. If the image is too grainy or fuzzy, you can edit it the same way as before, which is as follows.

1. On the remote control for your Vizio television, press the Menu button.

2. From the main menu, navigate to the System option, and then pick it.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Vizio TV

3. Make sure the High Definition and Select Screen Aspect Ratio options are checked, and then click the OK button.

4. The image on your Vizio TV will become more crisp as a result of the revised aspect ratio.

5. When you are done, select the OK button.

Zoom Settings on Vizio TV

The Vizio TV provides you with four distinct Zoom Settings from which you can select the one that best suits your needs. Let’s talk about the Zoom Settings that are available on a Vizio Smart TV.

How to Change Screen Resolution on Vizio TV

Normal Mode

The Normal mode is an ordinary Zoom option that does not scale the image. In contrast to the other aspect ratios, the image that appears on your screen will have a natural appearance when you use the Normal Mode. This is due to the fact that when you go to a different aspect ratio, the screen will have black bars on both sides of the display.

Zoom Mode

When you switch your TV to the Zoom mode, the screen will become significantly bigger. Additionally, there are two vertical black bars on either side of the screen. It’s possible that the screen will look different depending on the aspect ratio. In addition, the Zoom option causes certain channels to be magnified while allowing others to maintain their original size.

Wide Mode

The screen will be stretched and extended when you select the Wide option on a Vizio TV. Because the screen is magnified, it is possible that it will cause some discomfort. In addition, there are no vertical or horizontal black bars while using the Wide mode.

Panoramic Mode

The left and right sides of the screen have been expanded when the Panoramic mode is selected. During this moment, the portion of the screen that is central remains unstretched. You will notice that a portion of the image is missing whenever the Panoramic mode is utilised on your Vizio television.


How do I set my VIZIO TV to 4K?

The resolution of the signal that is being supplied to your VIZIO TV will, in most cases, be shown automatically. Therefore, if your TV is receiving a 4K picture from your app, cable box, or gaming system, it will display that material in 4K without the need for you to modify any settings related to the picture.

Why is my 1080p TV only displaying 720p?

There is a good chance that the output signal of the device from which you are streaming is already set at that. If you have cable or satellite, you can use the remote that came with that equipment to go into the settings and modify the resolution.

Why is my TV only 480i?

In the not too distant future, it is feasible that cable and broadcast providers may be able to automatically scale down high-definition (HD) broadcasts (1080i/720p) to standard definition (480i/p) over component video by activating something that is referred to as the ICT (image constraint token).

Which is better 1080p or 1080i?

Because of the way in which it operates, the 1080p format has a greater number of advantages than the 1080i format, beginning with a higher perceived level of image quality.