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Different ways mobile apps can help your business grow


Technology continues to drastically change our lives, and one of the major shifts that happened lately is a vast mobile app adoption. 

According to Statista, the number of unique mobile internet users reached 4.32 billion, meaning that almost 90% of global internet users utilise mobile devices to surf and browse online. 

Naturally, the business world took note and followed. From restaurants to retail chains, it seems every company has a mobile app these days. Software development in mobile apps is currently a highly demanded service, as every company wants to stay close to their clients. 

If you are launching a business today, especially a software startup, having a mobile app is a must. 

How mobile apps support your business growth

Mobile app development for business is not a trend but a necessity. But this is a necessity offering many benefits for the companies choosing to invest in the mobile app software. 

#1 Additional marketing and sales opportunities 

A businesses’ mobile app can have as many features and tools as desired. The only limit is the in-house team’s capabilities, and if the company goes the mobile app development outsourcing route, the possibilities are almost endless.

Mobile apps are perfect platforms for direct marketing and sales. Here are just a few examples of what one can put in their mobile app:

  • Online shop for clients to browse and purchase your products. Integrate streamlined purchasing functionality into your app and scale your revenue.
  • In-app purchases, upgrades, or a no-ad mode for streaming platforms, such as YouTube. Purchasing through apps is common today, and small commissions for extra options add up quickly into substantial amounts.
  • Loyalty program that incentivises clients to buy but also adds value and keeps client retention levels high. 
  • Linking mobile apps to social media equals free promotion every time clients choose to share the company’s news or products. And who doesn’t like free publicity?
  • Content with company updates and useful links and articles for clients. Customers today are spoiled with content but not all of the available content is high quality. Create useful and unique copies, images, or videos and you will stand out from the crowd while increasing the average time users spend in your app.
  • Push notifications with personal messages to keep in touch. For example, you can send push reminders coming to clients who viewed the product but didn’t make a purchase. In general, you can use push notifications to remind clients about promos, special offers, and any other news that’s relevant to their customer journey. 

#2 Higher brand awareness and visibility

Boosting sales and marketing campaigns are not the only goals that a mobile app achieves. It also works great for equally important endeavors such as building brand awareness and visibility.

Clients check their apps regularly, so even if they weren’t reaching for your app right now, they will still notice it on their home screen, helping your logo and brand stick. 

Push notifications will keep the company’s brand on the top of clients’ minds too, and if the mobile app includes useful information, such as a mini blog and how-to guides, then clients are likely to spend more time using it, skyrocketing your visibility.

#3 Improved client engagement and satisfaction 

Nobody likes to call anymore, or so it seems, and many people don’t want to go out for services, preferring to do everything from the comfort of wherever they are with the help of your mobile app. Giving customers this kind of flexibility guarantees to boost your customer satisfaction and engagement. Add loyalty programs and other value-generating tools, such as helpful content, and you are setting yourself up for success.

Intuitive user interface that are easy to interact with will also do wonders for your company. So, when you are working with an in-house team or an outsourced software development company, such as Emphasoft, make sure to prioritise design and user convenience. 

#4 Optimised business processes 

A well thought-out and optimised mobile app can cut costs drastically and help optimise and streamline your communication with clients, especially for those starting a software company. The app can be a single point for clients to browse, shop, report issues, and chat with company support. 

Even though mobile app development takes time and money, it results in better operational efficiency and subsequent cost savings once it’s live. And your clients benefit by doing everything from their mobile devices.

Software development for startups with Emphasoft 

Mobile apps used to be reserved for established corporations with endless budgets. Today, the situation is drastically different and mobile app development is attainable for small businesses and startups. 

Emphasoft provides many software development services, including creating mobile apps, MVPs, and other software for startups. Our team of 170+ professionals can deliver highest-quality products within your timeframes and budges, using the best mobile app development tools and techniques. We’ve delivered over 135 projects in three years, including many startup projects, and we speak your language.