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Division 2 Exotics Complete List and How to Get Them


Division 2 Exotics

The Division 2 Exotics are probably the best weapons and shield you can discover in the game. It’s not very difficult to spot them either – while they show up with a sweet gold shade to recognize their extraordinariness level, they additionally accompany remarkable visual markings, as well. As Ubisoft said itself, The Division 2 Exotics ought to be more energizing than they were in the principal game.

There are so numerous Division 2 Exotics in the game presently, so don’t be embarrassed in the event that you need to habitually allude back to this manual for realize how to get them all! Warlords of New York, the most recent development for The Division 2, presented eight new exotics on top of the current ones, so we have every one of the subtleties on each and every one of the Division 2 Exotics in the game at this moment. Best of luck on getting them all, Agent!

No bandit shooter is finished without a stacking of very incredible stuff, and in The Division 2 that comes as intriguing weapons and stuff with one of a kind advantages and valuable details. Exotics can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes — from attack rifles to shotguns — and each has its own uncommon spot in Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge endgame. In any case, what exotics are there? Also, how precisely do you get your hands on the fascinating weapons? We’ll respond to both of those inquiries in this guide: here’s a full rundown of The Division 2 exotics, complete with subtleties on the most proficient method to discover them.

What are The Division 2 Exotics?

Division 2 Exotics

Exotics are the most elevated level of extraordinariness in The Division 2 Exotics, similarly as they are in the base game. They’re completely named, and normally drop aimlessly. With three exceptional abilities and a stuff score applicable to whichever World Tier you’re in, you should hold off on granulating for them until you arrive at the most elevated level you can.

The most recent extension – Warlords of New York – has presented a lot of new exotics to the game. These ones are set apart with (WONY), so you know which exotics may be accessible in the event that you buy the development.


These aren’t completely situated on the new open-world guide, yet they are largely selective to the DLC proprietors.


This is a Division 2 Exotics of New York selective and along these lines drops solely from Rikers supervisors. A ton of players have detailed that the best methods for getting it is on the Tombs mission, particularly from the last chief. You can get it on any trouble, however the higher the trouble the higher the drop rate. Here’s somewhat more data on the best way to get the Bullet King LMG.

Bullet Hell

  • This weapon never should be reloaded
  • For each 100 shots that hit an adversary, recharge some ammunition to you and your partners’ stores


This works splendidly against surging adversaries, and as it’s on a 40 second cooldown you’ll see this fly off a few times in a delayed battle. You’ll need to rehash the Stranded Tanked mission on any trouble (the higher the better) and post for the last mission chief, Vivian, who gets an opportunity of dropping it. It has been recommended that any named Cleaner manager can drop it, however we’ve not seen any proof of this yet.

Dragon’s Glare

  • While in Combat applies consume to the adversary nearest to you inside 20m
  • Cooldown 40s


All group boxes get an opportunity of dropping this knapsack from their bolted cases, yet you’ll need to do it when you’re back in Washington, Division 2 Exotics. as there are almost 100 of these cartons to make a cultivating run from. The keys are on your guide, as well, so it’s a simple cultivating run, it may very well take some time. Here’s our guide on the best way to get the Acosta’s Go-Bag.

These cases reset once per day at a particular time, so you can make a favored run and rehash it every day until it drops.

One in Hand…

  • Harming a foe with an explosive awards +1 ability level for 15s
  • Awards Overcharge if as of now at expertise level 6

… Two in the Bag

  • 1+ Armor Kit limit
  • 3+ Grenade limit
  • +25% Ammo limit
  • +10% Repair-abilities
  • +10% Status impacts


YouTuber NothingButSkillz reports getting this from a named True Sons manager on the non-attacked type of the Lincoln Memorial Mission. In the interim Mr. Tribute presented on Twitter that they figured out how to get the Exotic on Space Administration HQ, which is another True Sons mission. Our recommendation is to return to Washington, D.C. what’s more, rehash True Sons missions, cultivating named managers until this drops.

Ablative Nano-Plating

  • At whatever point your or any partner’s protective layer breaks, they acquire 80% of your shield as reward covering for 10 seconds
  • Cooldown per partner: 45s
  • Slaughtering an adversary with your Specialization weapon eliminates this cooldown for all partners


You can snatch these kneepads from the different Division 2 Exotics Zones across Washington, D.C. specifically you can cultivate either DZ milestones or supply drops. Here’s somewhat more information on the most proficient method to Telesto Catalyst in Destiny 2 the Ninja Bike Messenger kneepads.


  • Playing out a cover to cover or vaulting reloads your drawn weapon


Division 2 Exotics


This attack rifle was added as a component of Title Update 7, and can be gotten when Division 2 Exotics blesses you. We suggest doing bounties and focused on missions until you get your own Chameleon to drop. In the event that you’d prefer to see this weapon in real life, look at the video above. The Chameleon advantages are as per the following:

Adaptive Instincts

  • Get a 20% lift to basic hit possibility and a half increment to basic hit harm for 45 seconds in the event that you hit 30 headshots
  • Obstacle a 100% lift to weapon harm for 45 seconds by hitting 60 body shots
  • Reload speed increments by +150% for 45 seconds on the off chance that you hit 30 leg shots


  • Get a 5% lift to weapon taking care of when your firearm is holstered


This reptilian rifle is currently in the game, yet you’ll likely have to stand by half a month prior to you can get it. To get all the creating materials required, you need to contend each of the three Expeditions. These are the advantages:

Agonizing Bite

  • This advantage denotes a foe indiscriminately, and hitting that adversary burns-through the imprint – guarantying the basic hit with an extra 20% to add up to harm.
  • The imprint passes on when the past adversary has been hit, or on the off chance that you reload your weapon.

Deep Fangs

  • On the off chance that you hit five stamped adversaries, this advantage awards +50%. Reload speed, +20% complete harm, and each shot you shoot ensures basic hits for ten seconds.

Shredding Skin

  • You get an extra 20% reward covering for three seconds. The event that you reload Diamondback while it is prepared.
  • While Diamondback is holstered, you can get +8% reward protection for two seconds by reloading or cycling your prepared weapon.


The Tidal Basin Stronghold adds another Outcast Division 2 Exotics for you to open. After a ton of granulating we at last have The Division 2 Exotics LMG, and it’s pretty Division 2 New Patch Update. Here are the gifts:

Plague of the Outcasts

  • In the wake of hitting similar adversary multiple times, that foe is delivered with Plague of the Outcasts.
  • At whatever point an adversary with Plague of the Outcasts is killed. The leave a poisonous cloud for 10 seconds that bargains 200% weapon harm each second. To anybody inside and causes them with Pestilence.


  • This debuff diminishes mending got by half for 10s.
  • At whatever point a foe with Pestilence would be brought down, they are rather immediately murdered.
  • The debuff is eliminated if the foe is fixed to full protective layer.

Outcast Resilience

  • While holstered, acquire 20% reward shield for 5s at whatever point you are influenced by daze, drain, or consuming.
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