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Do You Want to be Smarter? Change Your Daily Routine!


There are certain customs or simple habits that, without your realizing it and with hardly any effort, provide you with knowledge, a different vision, or expand information about something you did not know.

Consequently, this makes you smarter.

So if you also want to be a little better every day, I propose 17 habits that, by acquiring, will open your mind and expand your capabilities.

1. Stay Informed

Not only with paper newspapers. Today, the Internet has opened up a new universe of online newspapers and social networks, which keep us informed at the moment.

It will help you become more aware of important things happening outside of your tangible world. In addition, you will learn to form your own opinions and understand topics that previously sounded like Chinese to you.

2. Instead of Just Watching TV, Put on Something Useful

From watching a movie in another language to an interactive and educational course to a DIY, anything you like, in addition to entertaining you, gives you knowledge or teaching.

3. Share your Wisdom with Others

You can have a friend with whom you can share knowledge and discuss the same idea. In addition, this can give you a different vision on the same topic, something that will make you think, reflect, and even realize things that, perhaps before, you had overlooked.

4. Use the application ‘ The Word of the Day ‘

I have it in English and I think it doesn’t exist in Spanish yet, but who cares! You will learn double, a new word, and also, in English.

5. Change Your Diet and Exercise

Because eliminating certain foods from your diet, and changing them for others that are good for you, in addition to acquiring a training routine in your life, will make your brain oxygenate and work better.

6. Do Something That Scares You

When we leave our comfort zone, we become wiser.

This is because we must face something different, something that will make us learn.

Both how to carry it out, as well as our reactions to that situation and the responses of others.

You can try to speak in public, write something you feel on your blog, or address that person who imposes so much on you.

7. Connect with People Who are Smarter than You

Surrounding yourself with people you consider smart, either because of the topics they deal with, the way they express themselves, or the interest they have for you in the things they do, you will always learn something new.

8. Make Your Hobbies Productive

It’s fine to play Candy Crush or GTA, but I’m sorry to tell you that this does little for you intellectually. Alternate and acquire different ways of spending your free time, practice sudoku, play chess with a friend, read about art history, write something that comes to mind…

9. Learn a New Language, With Small Challenges

Challenge yourself to learn 10-15 words a day of another language.

Obviously, you will not become a native with this technique, but it starts with something, and you will also take away your fear.

10. Put What you Have Learned into Practice

After all the challenges you have set for yourself, in order for them to be of any use to you, you must put them to use. It is no use learning new words in English, or playing a new musical instrument if you don’t put it into practice later. Include these words in your daily vocabulary, and get used to playing the aforementioned instrument for at least 30 minutes a day, among other things.

11. Internet also serves to expand your knowledge and skills

There are many online courses or interactive programs with which you can learn, from a new language, make a braid or sew pants.

12. Take Time to Be Alone, Outdoors

Solitude is good.

Spending time with yourself helps you to think, reflect, and even make decisions. If you also do it in a good environment, quiet, outdoors, and practicing some kind of sport, your brain will be well oxygenated, and decision making will be more effective and of quality.

13. Write Down Everything You Learn

But… why write it down?

Because by writing it down, you will have a record of everything you have learned, in your own words. Also, knowing that you have to write down everything you study, will motivate you to pay more attention to what you are studying or the conversation you want. take something out, or the talk you attended that day.


With the updated routine, you’ll be blazing through courses. Of course, this is not a panacea and sometimes getting help from an essay writer is just fine. After all, you’re not a robot.