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Most people in richer countries have health insurance that protects them in case of accidents or unforeseen illnesses. This is an important factor to avoid becoming bankrupt or even unable to work in case of illness. Therefore, it is highly recommended to insure yourself against these scenarios. Now you worry less about your future and can focus more on playing at CasinoChan.

In some countries, all citizens need insurance. This is mandatory. But which countries have the best insurance?

Many studies have shown that Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are among the top three countries. Taiwan is also in the top ten. That makes four Asian countries that have exceptional insurance systems. Then the studies show some differences. Israel also does very well, as do Iceland and the Netherlands. Norway scored highest as a European country. In the top 20 are Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, and Germany, as well as Australia.  The EU is strongly represented here. Venezuela ranks last in several studies. Given its unstable economic situation and high inflation, which makes investment in the health sector very difficult. 

But how are these results measured? These scores provide information about the quality of the overall healthcare system. This includes both infrastructure and professionals. That is, the number of medical practices and hospitals, as well as the number and quality of doctors, nurses, and other staff. Also of great importance are the costs incurred by ordinary citizens to afford these services. They should be affordable for all. Regardless of income. Other indicators include sanitation, the environment, the quality of drinking water, and the measures governments have taken to reduce risks such as obesity and alcoholism. 

But not all countries have mandatory insurance for their citizens. When they do, many people do not have insurance or pay for specialized treatment. Overall, universal health care is viewed positively. It is believed that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. 


If you want to get additional coverage, here are some tips for getting good insurance. There are several different types of insurance. From life insurance to auto insurance, you can cover anything and everything. But it comes at a price. 

Life insurance means that the family can cover funeral expenses and that you provide for the loved ones who are left behind. 

The second is health insurance. Medical bills and expensive necessary treatments are one of the main reasons many countries go bankrupt. However, these are particularly expensive. One option is to get a job that includes a stable health plan. That way you have gone through your employer. 

Long-term disability insurance has become more in demand in recent years. This can support you after your regular health insurance has covered hospital bills. It helps you fund your daily expenses in the event of a serious illness. 

The last insurance is car insurance. It is only important if you have a vehicle that should be insured. 

It is highly recommended to have at least basic health insurance. You never know what can happen, so you better be prepared.