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Dredge: All Endings Guide


Are you ready to uncover all the secrets and endings of Dredge? We’ll guide you through the different paths and consequences. Every decision you make has a lasting impact on the outcome. Whether you’re looking for the bad ending or the good one, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive All Endings Guide will show you how to navigate the treacherous waters and make the right choices. Join us as we unravel the truth behind the protagonist’s journey in Dredge: All Endings Guide.

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Does Dredge have multiple endings?

Do you think Dredge has multiple endings based on your choices throughout the game? Well, the answer is yes! Dredge offers players the opportunity to experience two distinct endings, depending on the choices they make. The game gives you the power to shape the outcome of the story through your decisions. Whether it’s collecting all the Relics and meeting the Old Mayor at the campfire for the good ending or agreeing to go out to sea with The Collector for the bad ending, your choices have consequences. This adds a layer of replayability and excitement to the game, as you can explore different paths and see how your actions impact the outcome.

How to get the bad ending in Dredge

To get the bad ending in Dredge, you must gather all the Relics and agree to go to sea with The Collector, where a colossal monster consumes the world. It starts with finding and collecting all the Relics scattered throughout the game. Once you have them all, you must make the choice to accompany The Collector on his journey to the sea.

Dredge: All Endings Guide

Together, you sail towards a red glowing point in the distance. When you reach your destination, The Collector throws all the Relics into the sea, awakening a massive monster from the depths. This monstrous creature rises up and devours everything in its path, ending the world. This is how you achieve the bad ending in Dredge.

How to get the good ending in Dredge

If you want to achieve the good ending in Dredge, make sure to collect all the Relics throughout the game. They play a significant role in unlocking the good ending. Once you have collected all the Relics, head to the campfire in the Twisted Strand mangroves. There, you’ll meet the Old Mayor, who holds important information and plays a key role in the outcome of the story.

Dredge: All Endings Guide

Interact with the Old Mayor and listen carefully to their words. This meeting will set a series of events that will lead you to the good ending in Dredge. So don’t forget to collect all the Relics and meet the Old Mayor at the campfire in the mangroves to unlock the best outcome.

Dredge’s bad ending, explained

You can understand Dredge’s bad ending by examining the husband’s descent into madness and the role of the Old Gods in manipulating his actions. In this ending, the messages in bottles reveal the couple’s streak of misfortune at sea. The husband slowly loses his sanity, throwing various items off the boat, including his own wife. At first, returning these items brings her back, but the Old God exploits The Collector’s longing for a loved one.

Dredge: All Endings Guide

It’s later revealed that the protagonist and The Collector are the same person, with the boat crash being a result of the protagonist’s madness. The Old Gods take control of his mind, leading to the tragic ending.

Understanding the husband’s descent into madness and the manipulation of the Old Gods sheds light on the dark and unsettling conclusion of Dredge.

Dredge’s good ending explained

When you achieve the good ending in Dredge, the Old Mayor’s madness, the Lighthouse Keeper’s recognition, and the protagonist’s true identity as The Collector controlled by the Old God all come together to create a gripping and unexpected conclusion.

In this ending, you find out that the Old Mayor has been driven mad by a book he saw at sea. The Lighthouse Keeper, who’s known your true identity all along, sends you to confront The Collector. It’s revealed that you’re The Collector, controlled by the Old God’s influence.

Dredge: All Endings Guide

As the story progresses, you’re faced with a choice: throw the book into the sea and displease the Old God, resulting in your death, or keep the book and let the Old God continue to wreak havoc. The good ending leaves Greater Marrow intact, implying that the Old God remains locked away. It’s a conclusion that leaves you questioning the nature of identity and the power of ancient forces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Secret Endings in Dredge?

Yes, there are secret endings in Dredge. Depending on your choices, you can experience a bad ending where a colossal monster consumes the world, or a good ending where the Old God is displeased and you die.

Can You Save the Wife in the Bad Ending of Dredge?

No, you cannot save the wife in the bad ending of Dredge. The husband goes mad and throws her off the boat, manipulated by the Old God. The ending results in a colossal monster consuming the world.

What Happens if You Fail to Collect All the Relics in Dredge?

If you fail to collect all the relics in Dredge, the consequences are unclear. Without the full set of relics, it is uncertain what impact it would have on the story’s endings.

Is There Any Significance to the Red Glowing Point in the Distance in the Bad Ending of Dredge?

In the bad ending of Dredge, the red glowing point in the distance signifies the location where The Collector throws all the Relics into the sea, summoning a colossal monster that consumes the world.

What Is the Relationship Between the Protagonist and the Collector in Dredge’s Good Ending?

In Dredge’s good ending, you are revealed to be the same person as The Collector. The Old Mayor recognizes your true identity and sends you to retrieve the book.


In conclusion, Dredge: All Endings Guide is your ultimate companion to unraveling the secrets and achieving the different endings in the captivating game. With step-by-step instructions and insights into the bad and good endings, you can navigate the treacherous waters and determine your fate. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure and uncover the truth behind the protagonist’s journey in Dredge. Get ready to experience the satisfaction of achieving the good ending or the thrill of the bad ending with this comprehensive guide.