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Dredge – How to Get Research Parts


Research Parts are essential to the gameplay of Dredge since they are required to unlock new and potent equipment. Although it is possible to finish the game without getting every piece of gear, researching every rod, net, pot, and engine has its own set of achievements. Players may gather resources and study pieces to enhance their equipment and vessel. You may learn how to obtain research components in Dredge by reading this article:

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How to Get Research Parts

The ability to recover or dredge sunken vessels will become available to players early in the game’s plot. While basic goods like clothing are typically awarded to players at these dredging areas, sometimes Research Parts will be dropped. Players can use pools of floating wood planks to locate dredging sites.

Players do have alternative ways to gain Research Parts, but searching every dredging area for them might take a lot of effort and is not a guarantee that this item will drop. Direct purchases of Research Parts from the itinerant vendor are available to players.

Dredge - How to Get Research Parts

Players may buy a variety of commodities, such as Refined Metal and more, from the wandering merchant character. This vendor has stores established in each of the four main archipelagos. At the Traveling Merchant’s Shipyard, research parts cost about $300 each.

The traveling merchant can only carry so many research pieces at a time, thus players will either have to move between sites or wait for her to refill. To speed up this procedure, players can save the game, quit it, and then load it again right away after buying the Research Part. This will quickly replenish the traveling merchant’s inventory.

How to Farm Research Part

Research Parts can show up in the Traveling Merchant’s Shipyard under the Miscellaneous tab, and this is a limitless source for the item. Those who wish to farm this source can do so by simply following these methods, which are a wonderful way to get a lot of Research Parts swiftly:

  • Launch from any pontoon.
  • After choosing the Shipyard, go to the Miscellaneous tab.
  • If the research part is available, buy it.
  • Shut down the Shipyard, choose “Save and Quit” from the Pause menu’s bottom options.
  • Steps two through five must be repeated after selecting “Continue” from the main menu.

It should be noted that those who enjoy fishing video games and wish to utilize this strategy to get a lot of Research Parts will require having a sizable amount of cash on hand. Luckily, earning money in Dredge is not too tough.

Dredge - How to Get Research Parts

Players who dedicate a little amount of time to fishing, keeping crab traps clean, and sailing with a net deployed should have no issue financing their Research Part farming. Additionally, fans shouldn’t be too shocked if they follow the instructions many times without finding a Research Part at a Pontoon Shipyard.

To be sure, there’s no assurance that a part will be available, and by the time everything is said and done, gamers could already be well-versed in exiting to the main menu and reloading the game. The Dredge accomplishments that are up for grabs can encourage players to persevere through the process, even though it can get tiresome at times.


Where do you farm materials in dredge?

North of Greater and Little Marrow is Steel Point, which is a good place for players to farm upgrade materials. Players can dig three locations just to the north of the dock at this position to uncover two pieces of lumber, four metal scraps, and two bolts of cloth.

How do you get dredging equipment in dredge game?

When you find him at the mansion, he will tell you that you have five different artifacts to locate around the game’s map. He’ll equip your boat with a Dredge Crane, an upgrade that lets you dredge any Shape in the Deep spots, in order to do this.

Does dredge have multiple endings?

In Dredge, players may choose between the conventional “bad” ending and a secret “good” ending that provides some additional background on the story’s events. The hidden ending is obtained via finding an elusive NPC, while the first ending is discovered as players typically progress through the narrative.

Can you keep playing after finishing Dredge?

You will be informed by the game that this is the conclusion of the game, but you can reload it immediately before accepting to go back and finish the adventure after seeing how it ends.

How do you trigger the good ending in Dredge?

Gather every last artifact to set off this grand climax. Once you turn in each one, instead of throwing them all in the Collector’s direction like you always do, go talk to the Old Mayor at the Greater Marrow.