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How to Get Lucky Pants Destiny 2


As a result of the new benefits introduced in the Season of the Lost for Destiny 2’s Exotic Hunter gear, the Lucky Pants, this time-honored piece of armour is now a necessary need for any and all Hunter loadouts. Anyone who is familiar with the game Lucky Pants will remember that, prior to the release of Season of the Lost, the perk Illegally Modded Holster would automatically load a round into a hidden Hand Cannon if a precise hit was scored. This perk was most beneficial when used in conjunction with a loadout that included a hand cannon in both the kinetic and energy slots; however, Illegally Modded is no longer a part of that configuration.

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How to Get Lucky Pants Destiny 2

How to Get Lucky Pants Destiny 2

Although the Lucky Pants perks are brand new, the processes for obtaining Lucky Pants have not changed in any way. In Destiny 2, if you are playing as a Hunter, you have the option of either acquiring Lucky Pants from any Exotic Engram or purchasing them from Xur anytime they are available as part of his Exotic goods inventory. You can also get Lucky Pants by going to the Collections tab for Exotic Hunter gear. However, the stat rolls on these pants will be below average, and the Light Level will be at the lowest possible level it can be (1100).

How to Get Lucky Pants Destiny 2

The Seventh Seraph Office Revolver, Crimson, and Eriana’s Vow are three excellent examples of Hand Cannons that might benefit from having the additional damage applied to them. The Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver is a Kinetic Hand Cannon that can be purchased on occasion from either Banshee-44 or Xur. It can be used by members of the Seventh Seraph Order. The Crimson is a Kinetic Hand Cannon with a three-round burst capacity that may be obtained through the use of Exotic Engrams. The Exotic Archive is the place to go to get Eriana’s Vow, a Solar Hand Cannon that fires Special ammo. It is also available there for purchase. In the video that can be found below, renowned Destiny 2 content creator Aztecross illustrates how much damage each of these Hand Cannons are capable of dealing to a raid boss when they are used in conjunction with the Lucky Pants.


Does lucky Pants work with crimson?

It’s possible that Lucky Pants work best when combined with Last Word, but I’ve found that I get the most use out of them when I combine them with Crimson and its burst first ability to quickly accumulate damage. It may not be the best strategy for bosses, but it has been working quite effectively against champions. You may give it a shot with Ace or Thorn, and of course it also works with all of your favourite legendary hand cannons.

Do the lucky Pants work in PVP?

In order for them to restrict the use of the Lucky Pants to PVE exclusively. It’s possible that similar strategy may have been implemented on some of the other Perk (Topping Off). No, it was originally an exotic item related to PvP, but it was altered to a PvE item for no apparent reason other than “Versatility,” which is the most plausible explanation.

What hand cannon does the most damage with lucky Pants?

The Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver is a hand cannon that fires at 180 RPM and has a perk pool that is only average. Even if it’s off to a rocky start, it’s one of the few weapons in Destiny 2 that has the ability to produce Warmind Cells. More importantly, when paired with Lucky Pants, this weapon is by far the most powerful Legendary Kinetic that can be used.