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Blasphemous 2 – How to Get Through Blue Chains


Blasphemous 2 has many unique mechanisms and challenges that will leave players wondering how to conquer them. They frequently seem to protect important secrets along the route, and they are simply too alluring to ignore. The map is covered with Blasphemous 2 blue chains. Some are subtle, while others are painfully perplexing and couldn’t be more in the way. You may learn how to defeat Blue Chains in Blasphemous 2 by reading this post.

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How to Get Through Blue Chains

You need to possess the Sarmiento Centella weapon and receive a Relic of Contrition from the Crown of Towers. In Blasphemous 2, Relic opens up a midair dash (R2 / RT / ZR) that lets you go over the blue chains. Access to the chamber where you may find the Relic is located directly below the Basilica of Absent Faces’ lower-right exit.

Blasphemous 2 - How to Get Through Blue Chains

To open the gate and obtain this power, you must strike the mirror with your blades. You can then freely explore the remaining areas of the Crown of Towers from this point on. Blasphemous 2’s platforming tasks also become more difficult with the use of this ability, since blue chains are added to the enormous bell platforms and allow players to completely explore the Basilica of Absent Faces. If you sift through the game’s new difficulties and even a few Easter eggs dropped by the makers, you’ll uncover some startling revelations.

How to Use Blue Chains

Blasphemous 2’s fancy name for an air sprint is the Mercy of the Wind power, which is required to break through the blue chains. You’ll inevitably encounter this ability in the Crown of Towers. You’ll get the strength and the newly discovered skill from a statue that functions as this series’ equivalent of the Metroid series’ Chozo monument.

Chains may be broken by running through them, letting you pass through them. It can be a little finicky, though. You can break the chains by dashing and landing on the very top or very bottom, but you will still fall. You need to make a very clean sprint across the middle. These gates are widely dispersed over the world and are essential for accessing a large number of the game’s secrets and collectibles. After you have this power, be sure to revisit the earlier sections.

Blasphemous 2 - How to Get Through Blue Chains

It’s also kind of helpful in battle. Mercy of the Wind can swiftly clear your path. You have some flexibility because there are certain invincibility frames. You won’t be immune to danger for the duration of the dash, so you’ll still need to time your moves carefully to avoid getting hurt.


Can you get both endings in one playthrough Blasphemous 2?

You find yourself back at the same altar in front of the last boss after receiving an ending and loading the save file. This also lets you, if you’d want, obtain both endings in the same playing, regardless of which one you obtained first.

What is the ending C in Blasphemous 2?

As a part of the 2021 Wounds of Eventide DLC, Ending C made its debut. The focus of the game is Esdras and Perpetva, and access to it is restricted to discovering Perpetva’s tomb prior to facing Esdras at the Bridge of Three Calvaries.

How do you get to the basilica of absent faces Blasphemous 2?

After fighting Afilaor, Sentinel of the Emery in Beneath Her Sacred Grounds, and obtaining the Key of the Pilgrim in the Chapel of the Five Doves, players can reach the Basilica of Absent Faces, a late game section in Blasphemous 2.

How do you beat Benedicta in blasphemous 2?

You have to go to the top of the lift or descend to the bottom before she can attack you if you want to avoid her. Move to the top or bottom of the elevator and continue this loop until she has done once you see her stop moving.

What does cutting yourself do in Blasphemous?

You can start out with the ability to cut yourself and recover mana at a modest health and tear cost by pressing and holding the B button. The spells in this game are few and largely weak, so it’s not really all that helpful.