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Dredge: Stray Dog Quest Walkthrough


Players can begin the Lost Dog Pursuit in Dredge by talking to the stray dog in F2 on the island’s eastern side. The goal of this Pursuit is to find a good home for the dog; participants are not required to do so, but will be rewarded if they do. If you’re looking for a Dredge Stray Dog Quest Walkthrough, you’ve come to the right place!

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How Much Does Dredge Cost?

You can get your hands on Dredge for a wide variety of systems, so you can play it anyway you like. Dredge can be played on the PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox 360. It costs $24.99 to buy across all of these platforms, though the ultimate amount you pay may vary by country.

Dredge: Stray Dog Quest Walkthrough

After finding the dog on the eastern side of F2, the player must choose from a number of dialogue options in order to earn the dog’s trust. Although it is feasible that many sequences of selections can achieve the aim at hand, the following sequence is guaranteed to work, and after going through it, fans of indie open-world games should bring the dog along.

  • Don’t be a jerk and feed the dog fish.
  • Move slowly toward it.
  • Raise the dog’s voice.
  • Extend your hand as though holding a fish.
  • Pet the dog. (x2)
  • Leave.

Once the stray dog has been captured, the players should focus on finding it a permanent home. The Researcher in the Old Fortress in Sector 5 is delighted to have a canine companion, so fans of Lovecraftian video games working on this step won’t have to go very far. In fact, players can finish the Lost Dog Pursuit by sailing to that place while being careful to avoid any obstructions, and then talking to the Researcher and choosing the “this dog needs a home” option during their conversation.

Dredge: Stray Dog Quest Walkthrough

The stray dog quest in Dredge rewards players with a Sapphire Ring that may be traded at the Trader in Little Marrow. Even if it’s not the grand prize, fishing game enthusiasts who need money to spruce up their boats and buy new gear shouldn’t pass up this chance.

It’s important to remember that the Researcher is engaged in more than just the Lost Dog Pursuit. In fact, if you want to keep on in the game, you’ll need to finish at least half of her Research Assistant Pursuit, which involves catching species like Dredge’s Aurora Jellyfish. Fans should also finish the quest’s second part, as it rewards a book that, once read, delivers a great bonus.


How many pursuits are there in Dredge?

Quests are the best way to characterize the activities offered by the various locals scattered over Dredge. In addition to the seven required Main Pursuits, there are nine optional ones, and four Timed ones that have their own special rewards.

Does Dredge have different endings?

Dredge appears to be a simple solo fishing game, but its slimy underbelly is anything but. Two classic Lovecraftian conclusions round off this twisted story of eldritch horror. Dredge’s climaxes are similar to the endings of those ancient, twisted stories; they leave a lot to the reader’s imagination.

What is the bad ending in Dredge?

The Collector and the fisherman use the relics to bring the fisherman’s dead wife back to life in the awful “default” ending. While this does happen, the Collector’s real intention was presumably to bring back a horrible creature instead.

What does the eye do in Dredge?

When you’re being observed, a mysterious eye emerges on your compass and its color changes to reflect your mental stability. If your sanity bar is low, the monsters are more likely to attack, and you might not even see the rocks until it’s too late.