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Dredge: All Stone Tablet Locations


Dredge is a lovecraftian horror game in which players take on the role of a fisherman and, when night falls, must navigate the ocean while dodging horrifying sea monsters. The three Stone Tablets are a powerful artifact that may be used to unlock new places and abilities in Dredge. It’s not easy to track down all three Stone Tablets. If you meet the merchant in Little Marrow, you can fuse the tablets together. All dredged stone tablets are explained in this article.

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Where to Find all the Stone Tablets

We have included a location for each of the three Stone Tablets that can be found in Dredge below. During the process of obtaining the Fathomless Flames in the Devil’s Spine region, which will kick off the Stone Tablet Pursuit, you should stumble across at least one of these items.

Dredge: All Stone Tablets

The surface of each one has the typical agitated watermark, but what differentiates them from one another is the faint red glow that emanates from each. If you are intent on locating each Stone Tablet on your own, keep an eye out for this glowing red area.

Stone Tablet 1

The first Stone Tablet can be found behind the island, close to where the Pontoon is anchored in Devil’s Spine. It is located within a ruin near to the location where you will travel to look for one of the three Fathomless Flames that are located in this area.

Dredge: All Stone Tablets

Stone Tablet 2

On the opposite side of the huge island, further up from where the pontoon is located, there is another Stone Tablet that you can find. You will need to be cautious here because you are in the middle of some ruins, and little redfish are likely to be calling for their mother to come and eat you.

Dredge: All Stone Tablets

Stone Tablet 3

The Stone Tablet that finishes off our search may be found at the very top of Devil’s Spine. Once more, it is hidden within some ruins, but this time you will require Packed Explosives in order to access it.

Dredge: All Stone Tablets

How to Complete the Stone Tablets Pursuit

When you unearth your first Stone Tablet in one of the above places, the Stone Tablets Pursuit will begin. It’s not entirely clear whether the Trader in Little Marrow expects you to return to him after finding each item individually or whether you can bring him all three at once. We took each one of them to the Trader separately, and you should too, because each interaction has its own unique discourse.

Dredge: All Stone Tablets

The Trader will combine the three tablets once you’ve returned them to him, at which point you’ll receive the Fused Tablet. You dug up all the Stone Tablets in the same area, therefore this potent artifact will grant you access to the Ancient Lighthouse in Devil’s Spine. Because of its elevated position, it is impossible to ignore.

Dredge: All Stone Tablets

When you enter, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of gifts, one of which is the Flame of the Sky. You can get more lumens from this light than from any other light in the game, and it only takes up two slots on your boat. After exploring the Ancient Lighthouse, you should go back to the Trader and conclude your conversation with him to appease his curiosity.

Dredge: All Stone Tablets


Where do you put a fused tablet Dredge?

The Ancient Ruins can be found here, and enthusiasts can also check out the Ancient Lighthouse, which can be reached from the dock. To finish this side quest in Dredge and obtain entry to the lighthouse, players must take the Fused Tablet and place it on the Stone Door.

How do you get the best light in a Dredge?

The tablet must be taken to the Ancient Lighthouse at coordinates [0,15] and inserted into the corresponding slot. After you’ve done that, the door will open, and you’ll be rewarded with two rings, two goblets, and the “Flame of the Sky,” a two-slot light that boasts +3500 Lumens and is the brightest in all of Dredge.

What do the stones do in Dredge?

Eleven obelisks, or large black stone structures, may be found scattered over Dredge. They are dormant during the day but active at night, when they cause visions.