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Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons Locations


Legendary weapons are extremely rare and can only be obtained by completing objectives in Dead Island 2. You’ll miss out on most of the cool weapons if you skip the optional material and focus just on the main quest. You can’t miss any by accident because they don’t drop randomly from zombies or chests in the environment. Learn about every single Legendary Weapon in Dead Island 2 with this guide!

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Blood Rage

A throwback to the original Dead Island, the Blood Rage knife is exceedingly deadly. Xian Mei, a deadly assassin and one of the four playable Slayers in the original game, formerly held this blade.

Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

Puncture Wound enhances the critical damage done by this weapon, and Infectious causes Bleed damage to spread to nearby zombies with every successful strike. In addition to this, the legendary weapon’s customization options are also unavailable. Inflicts more bleeding damage on a zombie with this Superior Melee Puncturing Mod.


The Brutalizer is one of the many legendary weapons in Dead Island 2 that belongs to the maiming class of melee weapons. This razor-sharp machete was designed to lop off zombie limbs, and the locked perks reflect that intent.

Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

To begin, the perk Bloodlust increases the damage done to a zombie’s limbs during critical hits and reduces their health by the same amount. With multiple instances of this perk, the player can become quite destructive. The Superior Melee Mutilator has been upgraded such that it deals significantly more physical damage. There is no additional status impact being dealt out, though.

Big Shot

In Dead Island 2, there are only two legendary firearms, yet they are both essential to the player’s arsenal due to their high damage output and entertaining gameplay. The demolition-style pistol Big Shot is usually the first one that players acquire.

Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

Big Shot is so powerful that it can be shot with a shotgun, despite its appearance as a pistol. If you have the perk Boomstick, your regular shots will explode, potentially shocking the zombies long enough for you to get away. Players shouldn’t reload too frequently, as the gun’s effectiveness increases with decreasing ammunition.

Emma’s Wrath

There is a legendary weapon specifically designed for bulldozers. Sam B wields Emma’s Wrath, a massive hammer, at various points in Dead Island 2’s plot. This dangerous melee weapon will eventually fall into the player’s hands.

Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

One of the best features of this hammer is Overkill, in addition to the Superior melee Impacter mod that boosts its physical damage and has a chance to traumatize the undead. If you successfully counter or perform a skull stomp, the next hit from Emma’s Wrath will be like being shot out of the gun.


The top-secret weapon used by the military, also known as Bodycount, is the final legendary firearm that players can find. If the bullets don’t kill the zombie, the bleeding status effect that the mod generates will. This is because a ranged superior puncturing mod deals more damage.

Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

This bleed damage can subsequently be extended to other undead through the fixed perk of Exit Wound, as well as with each kill achieved using the gun, so increasing the player’s damage even further.

The One

The beautiful long sword known as The One is another of the game’s legendary weapons players can get. This legendary weapon can be used to cause significant damage. This weapon, much like the Brutalizer, comes with the Superior Melee Mutator mod already installed, which is responsible for a significant amount of physical damage.

Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

Nevertheless, what sets this legendary sword apart from others is its fixed bonuses, such as Swift Blow, which makes it possible for heavy assaults to charge up more quickly. The Headhunter perk therefore pushes players to decapitate their enemies in order to generate explosions, and it also heals them for any damage that they may have sustained as a result of doing so.


In keeping with the general concept of movie set props or items that resemble them, the Krakatoa is a mutilating weapon that aims to collect the souls of the undead it kills by ripping off their heads. Because it is rigged with the Superior Melee Cremator Mod, this huge axe, in contrast to the other stated weapons that can maim, also burns its opponents.

Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

Those who are lit by the flames of the axe will then be able to prime the axe to do its Reaper perk, which causes heavy hits to inflict even more fire damage in addition to increased damage to limbs. This perk is only available to those who the flames of the axe have ignited. Continuing to mutilate these adversaries will result in fuel falling to the ground, which will lead to an even greater outbreak of chaotic fire.

Party Starter

The legendary knuckle dusters known as Party Starter are the last piece of loot players can get. There is only one other legendary fury weapon, and it pales in comparison to this one.

Dead Island 2: All Legendary Weapons

The Party Starter, like Krakatoa’s axe, carries a deadly flame that will set zombies ablaze upon impact. Players can be much more careless in their fervor because they are immune to fire after killing a zombie with a strong assault, while also setting the undead around them on fire.


What is the strongest weapon in Dead Island 2?

The Bodycount is a Legendary Rifle with a high fire rate that is considered by the vast majority of gamers to be the game’s best weapon.

Does Dead Island 2 have legendary weapons?

Reaching the conclusion of the main plot in Dead Island 2, which takes approximately 15 hours, is the only need for locating Emma’s Wrath, which is likely to be the very first legendary weapon you obtain in the game.

What is the best headhunter weapon in Dead Island 2?

One of the best Headhunter weapons, Blood Rage makes short work of Walkers if the player can charge up a killing blow to the noggin. In addition, Blood Rage comes pre-equipped with bonuses and deals enormous damage at a respectable rate of speed.